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    thank papadan

    i truely thank you for your responce. but atleast now i know it's not my fault:) but your insite will me missed else where:( take care and i will see you on here from time to time.
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    how to block hummmm

    ok here is the deal down here in florida atleast where i am every thing is cinder block.i want to close in my car port in for addtional living space almost 700 sq feet.but how in the world do i fasten the block to the existing roof suporting beams as the car port is 6" lowwer than the rest of...
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    HELP!!! What's that smell???

    mildew can do that witch is why i had to rid of my boat.if i had to guess that MIGHT be the source of the problem.
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    stops rust best?

    on my table saw i use a good dose of linseed oil the reason i dont use wax like many others is where in live here in florida is it is very hot(87 deg at 6 am this morning)and when i cut i dont want the wax transfer to the wood even with a good sanding wax may still be present and the finishes...
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    Ten things to remember....

    my wife agrees with 6
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    Fiber Cement Board Siding

    i have used the cement siding i don't like it!ok frist yes you should still use the tyvek with any type of siding in my opion.the cement siding is is a pain in the neck as in you need a daimond blade on your saw for al the required cuts you should drill an 3/16th" hole to meet at every stud on...
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    Roofing project online

    nice job on the saddle but one thing about it (is code in maryland when i lived in calvert co anyway)you should take a small hand head grinder up there and cut a 1/2 in grove into the brick and mortar 2"above the crickett to install flashing from the chimney to the crickett and then pack the gap...
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    NewBe - intro - and question

    you will have to go to your town hall and find out the exact requirments on the footer i would think a footer of 25"deep about a foot wide might be close the deepth in almost allways 6"below the frost line as a general rule.sounds like you have a very nice shop planed.and welcome to the forum.
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    Extending J channel or starter strip nail flange higher? Or short screws?

    the easy way i have dealt with this was to rip down a 2x4 to the right size.once the wood is installed,break a piece of metal to wrap aroundthe t-111 under the bottom and up the back side of the new wood. i hope you understand what i mean.
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    Where is everybody?

    welcome to this forum and look forword to hearing from you and your posts'question and your answers
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    Need Advice on Garage

    i would prefer the 16x7 but if the 24' side is the front then i would go with 2 10'x7'doors just less of a chance on slideing into the bigger doors in icy wather
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    Where is everybody?

    i would recomened thos site on my other forum but i am fraid that would not settle well with others as if i reconmend that site here you guys might take offends to that as i have mentioned that site here as i have mentioned this site there as well.but if it helps any when i started on...
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    Where is everybody?

    this might be the reason as i belong to another forum they have just over 9000 members and only about 10% of them post using that math we have just over 2700 members and using this math of just 10% that would be about 27 members and to tell the truth that does sound just about right.i...
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    heeeere fishy-fishy,

    over all sounded like a good day.i haven't been fishing in years but i liked minny wackyer spiner baits and porkos.
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    New here

    ok this is how i do it,if it is tile then i intall the door frist so i don't have to worry about cracking the if it is carpet then i do the carpet it frist then the door,in my experince i have just found it easyer this way.hope this is helpful to you and welcome to this forum.
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    HVAC guys - Estimates

    bet it will be close to $6000 for a 13 seer just a guess though
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    Wood stove stained my shingles #$@!!

    well i sure would like to know what has happen to date and if you had any luch sofar
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    is my plywood salvagable?

    would be nice to se a photo or two of the damage but if it is mosty just the top layerthen i would say it is fine but you might have ot get 1/4"backer board to go over the ply wood but i am not a tile man but i have done tile work but between the mortor and backer board you should be fine but if...
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    valve direction

    yes in the flow direction
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    poll: router choice

    just getting in to using a router and i have been slowly switching over to ridgid tools so i went with that as well.olny time will tell weather i will be truely happy with my router but with life time warrenty it was hard to pass upbut i was lookin hard at porter cable as well.i have just got to...