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    Replacing Broken Door Glass

    In a conventional sense, that would be true. Replacing the slab requires you to order one without the hinges mortised, which is very difficult to find in the box stores. Then, once you receive the slab you need to, not only match the type and size of the hinge (square/rounded corners), but then...
  2. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    Any time you want to test my political ideology, I welcome you. Your words: "I'm simply saying the mark up is pure greed!", and then you went on to make a claim about 4 and 5x mark up and you are wrong. I already understand who holds the upper hand in terms of authority here , and it certainly...
  3. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    I am far from your friend, and being a DIY network has not a damn thing to do with following the law, no matter how stupid it may be. How moronic can one be to think that a homeowner should be excused from doing what is right. In a forum like this it's the job of those who know the rules of...
  4. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    What is the purpose of a code or license other than to protect the livlihood of those who live in a structure being built? Please explain how either could protect the tradespeople?
  5. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    Mark up is greed? How do you think the company you work for stays in business and continues to employ you? I know of not a company in the industry that marks up material 4 or 5x. The vast majority of professional contractors sell at a 50% margin, which is 2x. That allows them to cover not only...
  6. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    The HVAC tech, we have already established, you planned to hire is not licensed to install a "side gig" system. You are not breaking any law; he or she is (although you are an accomplice), and that can lead to a lot of adverse long-term effects to your home and heating and cooling bill. I can...
  7. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    If you are in The Lone Star State, it is going to be interesting to see how you plan on purchasing refrigerant considering you do not hold Section 608/9 certifications. To purchase it without these certifications is a federal crime...
  8. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    You cannot do them yourself without buying Wrightsoft software They come in anything from 5-20" but I would be wary of a high velocity system in terms of the system being properly balanced; but that is above my pay grade. I say this because you want an equal number of CFM coming out of the...
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    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    What state are you in? A Manual J costs a few hundred dollars to run. Size of a living area to determine a load is 1970's technology, and those homes from that vintage have major problems in terms of mold, standing water, moist crawlspaces, etc.. If an HVAC contractor does not use Manual J to...
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    What size HVAC Unit???

    An unlicensed Technician does not "qualify" as a person to uphold a manufacturer's warranty, hence the premium you pay for a professional HVAC company to do the work. Most states even require a permit to be pulled for a change-out, and if one is not pulled, and you end up with structural or...
  11. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    I didnt say anything about side gigs. You said you were going to put an ad out to see if a local HVAC tech wants to do a side gig. HVAC techs are not licensed contractors; their company owner or appropriate qualifier is. A tech works under the supervision of an HVAC Contractor, and if it is a...
  12. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    It is not a stretch at all. 3/4 of my career has been as Home Performance Contractor and I have worked in unison with HVAC contractors on my jobs daily. A Manual J and D are required to determine proper load and duct design calcs. You are describing a system that is undersized; that is not...
  13. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    It is more criminal to ask a technician who is required by law to have an HVAC license to break said law, so you can save a penny. It can also have major long-term negative effects on the structure if the unit is not sized properly. Do you know how to properly size an HVAC unit?
  14. J

    Casement sash replacement

    Yeah, pop those glazing beads off on the front side (Photo 2), and you are in business..
  15. J

    Best Whole House Heat Pump???

    Yeah, NY is in a world unto its own like Cali; it will be interesting to see how well that works out for them.
  16. J

    cat door solution or equivalent
  17. J

    How do I replace this crank? No way to remove.

    Check Truth Hardware, and they should have a crank mechanism that fits that casement.
  18. J

    Pella Windows Single Hung Vertical Sliders | Upper Window is Sagging

    You are having trouble with Pella because their warranty on window units of that vintage is 10 years on parts, and they are probably correct in saying that they have no replacement for said window. 28 years for a wood window is actually pretty decent performance, and if they are still operating...
  19. J

    Older wood double hung windows are sliding down

    Actually those windows do tilt in. The white track you see along the sides of the window are called compression jambs; they are held in place with tension behind them. It sounds as if the tension has degraded with age. In order to tilt both sashes individually, press on the white jamb where it...
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    Very Special Window

    Indow Window is one of the most commonly known.