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  1. Sparky617

    Deck roof review

    Am I missing the attachment?
  2. Sparky617

    keeping a converted garage dry

    Personally, I'd use the PVC. It won't soak up water, split, crack, or warp. PT wood will do all of those things. PT wood is a poor choice for finish lumber. If you don't want to do what I've recommended with cutting out the bottom 5.5" of wood, I'd use silicone caulk (non-paintable) to fill...
  3. Sparky617

    Sewer line runs under neighbors yard!!!

    Have you looked into having it lined? Is that what you mean by tunneling? My neighbor's line and my line run out the backs of our houses across common (HOA) property before hitting the sewer main in the common area in an easement. Gravity being what it is, and that poop only runs down hill...
  4. Sparky617

    keeping a converted garage dry

    Doug, Water has a way of finding its way into things. Your 18" overhang isn't going to protect this in a driving rain. Or if you pressure wash the siding in preparation for painting, or your sprinkler misfires. At a minimum I'd seal those grooves from above , but like I said earlier, you...
  5. Sparky617

    keeping a converted garage dry

    Water coming down the face of the T1-11 would flow into the gap between the PVC and the T1-11. That is why I'd cut it off and not depend on caulk to seal that joint. I've done enough rot and insect damage repairs over the years to try to eliminate the paths for it as much as possible. The...
  6. Sparky617

    keeping a converted garage dry

    You could just apply the PVC to the T1-11 but at every groove you'll have a gap to fill. Alternatively, you could cut into the T1-11 and slide a piece of Z-channel flashing behind it and have it come over the top of the PVC trim. I like to try to direct water away and not count on caulk to...
  7. Sparky617

    keeping a converted garage dry

    The PVC will take paint, but it doesn't need to be painted. I used that for trim on my attic dormers and painted it to match the trim on my house. I paints well and can be installed with the wood grain exposed or the smooth back side exposed. Pure silicone caulk won't take paint, but is a...
  8. Sparky617

    Need help building some walls

    Cover the wall with 2" of poly iso insulation board, that would give you an R-15 rating. Then cover the poly-iso with 5/8" drywall and finish. That will take care of all but 1/8" of the thickness of the exposed tops of the cinderblocks. You could also blow insulation into the wall, but with...
  9. Sparky617

    keeping a converted garage dry

    I would find a way to get the wood off of the concrete. That is never a good idea. I would cut off the bottom 5.5" of the T1-11 and install a piece of PVC trim between the bottom of the shortened T1-11 and the concrete with a good silicone caulk sealing the gap between the PVC and the...
  10. Sparky617

    1930, and times are finally good. Would you run?

    You can have it scoped to see if there are issues. They run a fiber optic camera down the line and look for issues. With old clay pipe you always run the risk of the pipe breaking and with root infiltration at the joints. You might look at having it lined, that would likely be cheaper than...
  11. Sparky617

    Cutler-Hammer 15amp gfci breaker

    Cutler Hammer is now Eaton. And I believe these will fit.
  12. Sparky617

    Dryer takes long time to dry

    You should be able to edit for some time after posting. But you can't post after some amount of time. Maybe an hour? Edit to add: I hit edit right after posting. Edit is at the bottom left of your post.
  13. Sparky617

    Gas pipe ground...DIY project?

    My water meter is at the street, and the pipe between my house and the meter is plastic. The plumbing in the house is copper. The builders in my neighborhood went to PEX a few months after my house was built. As to the gas, I can turn the gas off at the meter if there was a problem with the...
  14. Sparky617

    Dryer takes long time to dry

    Mine was taking forever, and it was the cover over the vent to keep birds out of my vent trapping lint. If the line is long, it could definitely be lint trapped in the length of the piping. For long runs you really want to use rigid pipe, with the joints taped (with foil tape) and no fasteners...
  15. Sparky617

    Gas pipe ground...DIY project?

    I'm curious about grounding them as well. My wife is a Realtor and often on inspection reports they'll have notes about the gas pipe not being grounded. Mine gas line isn't, house built in 1999. The gas main is some sort of plastic piping. Somewhere below ground it converts to metal piping to...
  16. Sparky617

    Gas pipe ground...DIY project?

    If the gas line is near your electrical service entrance you can use the electrical system ground rod. Those rods are 6' long, and now code requires two of them separated by six feet and connected together. That was not code when my house was built in 1999, nor was a gas line ground.
  17. Sparky617

    Flat riding mower tire

    I saw it on the internet so it must be true. I've never tried it. But I'd think on a wheelbarrow or hand truck it would be OK. You can buy wheels for both that are essentially foam filled. They aren't solid rubber.
  18. Sparky617

    Flat riding mower tire

    I saw another solution, I wish I had seen before I bought new wheels for a hand truck. You drill two holes in the tire big enough for a tube from a can of Great Stuff to slip into. Two to give the air a place to escape. Then you proceed to fill the tire up with Great Stuff from both holes. I...
  19. Sparky617

    Door Glass Replacement Question

    Can you provide a picture of the door as it is? What is the door made of? Are you looking to add a window to this existing door?
  20. Sparky617

    More home remodeling questions

    Why not use thin-set? No or very little outgassing from a mortar based product. For a backsplash you really don't need to put tile backer board on top of drywall. It isn't going to be getting wet like a shower.