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  1. Diygirl2023

    Asking the right questions. Roofer

    Thanks Sparky! A lot of great information. Now to find a roofer 😃
  2. Diygirl2023

    Asking the right questions. Roofer

    Replacing the existing roof this year. I see no urgent issues; I bought this townhome nearly 14 years ago, I think it’s time to replace it since I really don’t know if it’s 25 or more years old. My questions are, what questions should I ask when interviewing for a new townhouse roof, should I...
  3. Diygirl2023

    Hello Friends!

    Nice to read you all! I’ve been doing some little renovations through out the years on my townhouse, plumbing, electrical, and tiling…. Always looking for advice and ideas.