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    Solar installation

    Haha – this thread needs an update cause solar is a different ball game now If anyone wants to know what I mean just read this blog! Types of Solar Panels and Their Uses
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    Fix for lifting wood floors...

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Fix for lifting wood floors...

    I will investigate. Unfortunately, knowing the guy that renovated the property it could be basically anything (he could get cheaply), laid on top of anything (that he could get cheaply). Many thanks for the advice.
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    Dealing with annoying neighbour

    I wish we had these laws, at least two of my neighbours would probably have their houses ripped down. Although obviously I don't wish them to lose their property...I just wish they were much better maintained.
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    Dealing with annoying neighbour

    I suspect someone owns the old fence (you or neighbour) and it must be at least mostly on one of your land. As someone else advises - find out who owns it. If its them (or you really cant find out), build a new fence to hide it...if it's them then ago ahead and rip it up and build a new one...
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    Life Lessons

    I would like to add (although a little similar to some of yours): - Happiness is decision, all you have to do it make it.
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    Fix for lifting wood floors...

    Thank you for the advice. I am pretty sure it is concrete underneath. Tricky to tell as I think the room is half subfloor (old part) and half concrete (newer extension)....but I'm fairly certain all the creaky parts are on the concrete.
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    Fix for lifting wood floors...

    We have a wooden floor in our living room area. Certain parts of it are seriously creeky, which I am assuming it from slight lift. Is there a way to fix this? What is the best way to fix this? Many thanks in advance.
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    Life Hacks...

    A great cleaning life hack I have used many times: If you have mould growing on grout (such as in your shower) then soak toilet tissue in bleach and press it onto the effected area. Leave for 24 hours, remove and rinse - works wonders.
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    Guys, if you ever visit the UK I can strongly recommend visiting Milton Keynes. It is quite the experience if you want some practice with round abouts. The city is a very modern one by UK standards. When it was built we partially borrowed from the USA and built all the streets straight/in...
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    What did you do today?

    Is this still a 'what did you do today' thread? Haha. In the spirit of keeping up with it, today I built a couple of planters out the front of my house. I used decking boards. Took me all day to do the two, they are about 190 cm long and 70 cm high. Put false bottoms in them so they didn't...
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    Show us your Workshop

    Thank you. I'll take the before shortly. Although I should have taken it before we moved in because it was a right state!
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    Hi, I'm Matt from the UK...

    Very helpful, thank you.
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    Hi, I'm Matt from the UK...

    Luckily I used to work as a technical writer for a US company, so I will hopefully recognise most of the differences.
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    Hi, I'm Matt from the UK...

    Thank you :)
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    My washtub turns yellow where I put handsoap

    Yep, I'd imaging something like baking soda could help with this. If it was a material like porcelain I would recommend trying toilet roll soaked in bleach and left on there, but not sure how that would react with wood.
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    Why are my window corners wet when it rains?

    I've had a similar issue. I think it is the flashing, which could be expensive to repair. Personally I am going to try resealing the window first to see if that helps at all...fingers crossed.
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    Wild Flowers

    Did you plant these? Or did they just turn up naturally? I'm considering dedicating part of the garden to 'growing wild'. If you leave our lawn for long enough without mowing, all sorts of interesting flowers start to pop up.
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    Show us your Workshop

    Just here for inspiration at the moment. I have a lovely outbuilding which used to be a forge that is partially going to be my workshop. I've built a workbench and put in a few tools. Just need to get rid of all the 'stuff' my wife is storing in there and I can very convert it into a useful space.