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  1. slownsteady

    New house, new trees, shrubs and plants...

    Recently heard an engineer talking about foundation walls. He mentioned that not only the roots of nearby tress are a problem, but the weight of the tree alone is enough to stress the wall. More food for thought 🤔
  2. slownsteady

    keeping a converted garage dry

    Another concern, besides the puddling of water, is the moisture that is being absorbed into the wall. Hopefully the base plate of the wall is pressure treated. and sitting on a sill seal. Another possible solution is flashing. You would still need to cut back the T1-11. Then install flashing...
  3. slownsteady

    New house, new trees, shrubs and plants...

    Oh yeah, pampas grass and a lilac
  4. slownsteady

    New house, new trees, shrubs and plants...

    Yup, arborvitae a.k.a. white cedar. A quick google search brought this up: The trees by the pool appear to be hemlock. A couple of quick notes on the pool: A pool without the filter running is a pond. You'll find frogs and all sorts of...
  5. slownsteady

    Why is my ceiling cracking?

    Cracks at the corners of windows often are related to settling. A 100 yr old house isn't settling unless something has changed. Have you looked around at the outside in that location; under and over the area? Check the attic to see if anything up there has loosened.
  6. slownsteady

    Wide Seam Tape

    I ordered the Boen 6" wide tape. it had good reviews and I think anything wider would be overkill (and awkward to install). I will post on how it goes.
  7. slownsteady

    Improper plumbing & trying to remodel bathroom/laundry

    ...or luan. But in this case, it looks more like Masonite
  8. slownsteady

    Wide Seam Tape

    I have several cracks in my ceilings (more than just one room). Normally I would drive some screws into the ceiling to make sure the drywall is secure and and not pulling away from the joists, and then tape it normally. But since my heating pipes are embedded in the ceiling, I have been hesitant...
  9. slownsteady

    "Jumping" a battery

    Video was very helpful. Thanks. But really, no Lithium batteries??? Aren't they all lithium nowadays?
  10. slownsteady

    "Jumping" a battery

    Recently I was talking to a Milwaukee rep. at the local big box store. We were talking about how a power tool battery sometimes goes bad and you are unable to charge it. He said that it's due to the battery running so far down that the charger can't [detect] it. He said he's heard that there's a...
  11. slownsteady

    Fan only staying on for a few seconds and then shutting off- AC not cooling

    If they put in a used one (a salvaged one, which I think is what you posted earlier), then it might be a little noisy, like the bearings are a bit worn. If this is a temporary fix you may decide to live with it. But if this part is as good as it's going to get, then you may want to address it.
  12. slownsteady

    Testing a bathroom fan

    Are you sure there are no kinks in the ducts? It sounds like you may have had a bit of work done when they divided the two systems. To be clear; there is now no cross-venting problems between the two bathrooms? Just not venting well to the outside?
  13. slownsteady

    Bought a house with an in-ground swimming pool...

    You probably know all this already, but just in case: Looks like it was closed properly for the season. Water blown out of the lines and ends plugged so they don't refill. The cover on the side of the pool is a solar cover, meant to keep the water warm during swim season. There should have been...
  14. slownsteady

    Pipe before regulator is rusty and leaks a little

    Wow. Looks like someone used the wrong kind of pipe. I would replace it ......if it can be taken apart.
  15. slownsteady

    Roofed pergola plan feedback

    I'm not sure I understand this. Will everything be supported from underneath? Nothing fastened to the structure? So essentially a freestanding deck, two stories up....
  16. slownsteady

    Shower grab bars

    When hanging grab bars in a tile shower, the go-to method is to use Wing-Its. They are essentially heavy duty anchors designed specifically for grab bars. You shouldn't need to find the studs.
  17. slownsteady

    Bathroom Wall Repair

    If the moisture has had time to soak into the wall, you may find the plaster or drywall will crumble. It may look messy but you can take out the crumbles and still repair the wall with new material. Let us know how it goes.
  18. slownsteady

    What did you do today?

    Well, as long as the subject is open; my '05 Corolla has 213K (yeah, I know it's a bit of a brag. But what the heck!)
  19. slownsteady

    What did you do today?

    I'm not saying that Congress isn't worthless or corrupt, but the insurance companies set their rates, not congress. Not everything can be blamed on government.
  20. slownsteady

    What did you do today?

    We have those now. Each spot has it's own pump. But since gas cars fill up so quickly, no one stays parked there very long. It's called a gas station.