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    dishwashers - which brand is best?

    I have an old whirlpool dishwasher. It's probably about 11 years old and it still works great. It's noisier than the new ones, but works like a charm.
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    parquet flooring

    Does anyone here know about parquet floors that could answer the question I posted?
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    closet storage/organizers

    We use the wire storage system you can purchase at Lowes. They're reasonably priced, but it would be difficult to quote a price since there are so many different types of shelves, bins, etc. that you can choose from and it depends on how big your closet is and how much you want. I can say the...
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    Firewood or gas logs

    We currently have a gas log fireplace. But after freezing our tails off during the ice storms last winter, we're converting it to woodburning. Nothing more frustrating than shivering away knowing that if your gas fireplace burned wood you'd be warm, lol!
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    installing chandelier

    I'm not much on the actual structural make-up. The joist would be the wood beam that's exposed when you take down the ceiling fan, correct? The ceiling fan mount is screwed into a wood beam, is that the joist? I'm learning as I go, so please be patient with me. Right now you could say I'm...
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    parquet flooring

    How often do you have to reseal and/or wax real parquet floors? We just put parquet in the dining room and I'd like to stay on top of this so I don't have to replace this floor any time soon.
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    installing chandelier

    How do you know how much weight your ceiling will support? We just got done redecorating the dining room. You name it, we did it, floor, textured paint, new dining room suit, etc.. Now my wife wants a chandelier. The one she picked out will be quite heavy. How do I know if the ceiling will...