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    Asbestos Concerns

    According to Accurate Inspections, tiny particulate fibers of asbestos can float through the air on lodge themselves in the furniture or the carpet. I wouldn't mess around with this stuff. Though we have most likely been all exposed to asbestos at some time, since its use was so prevalent...
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    A house made of straw

    Can someone explain how straw is less flammable than wood?
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    Christmas Lights

    Here's a good tip -- don't buy a live tree. Trees are important storehouses for carbon. The more trees we cut down, the more carbon goes into the atmosphere, the more global warming. Try a fake tree, or even better, decorate a nice big house plant! But don't kill a tree.
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    lightbulb goes pop

    Neither wattage or wiring is the problem -- the bulbs are simply being screwed in too tightly.
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    Plaster Ceiling

    Use a poultice-type paint remover called "Peel Away"
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    Paint Color For Bedroom

    I agree with your idea for muted gold -- think master bedroom on a yacht or even the presidential Oval Office!
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    Mirror question

    If there is damage to the backing, a mirror can appear cloudy. If this is case, then cleaning won't help. If the backing is fine, then perhaps the cloudiness is due to the fact that it was once cleaned with something oily, like furniture polish. I recommend trying vinegar and newspaper.
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    Paint Color Advice?

    Have you thought about a red tint?
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    Mounting a 50" plasma TV on drywall

    What is the best way to mount a 50" plasma TV on drywall? I think it's drywall. (how can I tell?)
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    Storing stuff on top of the refrigerator

    I just noticed something written on the inside of my fridge that says that nothing should be put on top of it. Why is that? What harm could that do? I have had stuff on top of it for years and didn't notice any problem.
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    Soundproofing a Room

    I'd like to soundproof my apartment bedroom because I do music recording there. I have neighbors above and below and behind one wall. I heard that egg crate is one option, but I have a feeling that won't be enough. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!