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    Color Combinations

    What color schemes do you have in your garden? I'm redesigning my front flower bed and considering using blues, reds, yellows and whites. I'm hoping for a more formal look. What color combinations have worked for you?....
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    Fall Flowers

    Handywoman has a good suggestion going to Lowe's or Home Depot. I believe they offer a 1 year guarantee on their plants as long as you keep the receipt. Do you know what zone you're in? Peonies are a beautiful plant for northern zones. It is also a great time to plant bulbs for a spring...
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    Paint Color For Bedroom

    I bought a new bedset this week and want to repaint my bedroom to compliment it. It is navy blue and white with a swirling design on it. What color should I paint? I am considering a muted gold, white, or another neutral color. Any suggestions?...I don't want to go dark because there is...