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  1. J

    Plunge cut with circular saw.

    The worm drive is great when cutting framing (especially anything bigger than 2x). It is heavy however. I use my little cordless Dewalt for things like the original poster was talking about. I have a 70V Dewalt cordless tracksaw for cutting down large sheets of plywood.
  2. J

    AFCI breaker replacement

    You can use BR115AF and CAF interchangeably. They are both combination arc faults. The BRAF115 on the other hand is only a branch feeder arc fault and that has limited usefulness (i.e., don't bother). The requirements for Arc Faults changed over time. Initially, AFCI was only required for...
  3. J

    AFCI breaker replacement

    AFCI is required in more places than it used to, but GFCI has only had very minor tweaks over the years.
  4. J

    AFCI breaker replacement

    Did you try turning it all the way off and back on? If not you have one of two things: a persistent ground fault (not likely if it only happened when the thing was tested) or it's busted. This is a BR115AF. You may be confused because they also make a BFP115AF which is designed for a plug...
  5. J

    How can I repair these 106 year old floors?

    Rope caulking is great for boats, but I've never really seen it used for floors. If you have something to patch with, you can fix larger damage with the spare boards. Otherwise, you use a filler (or live with the gaps). Either way, you attend to this and renail anything that's loose and...
  6. J

    Are post-frame/pole barns only built on flat ground?

    Pole barns are easier to build on uneven terrain than regular construction (post-and-beam) which you have to got to great lengths to adjust if the foundation isn't level. In fact, there's a pole barn going up right by me now on a bit of a slope.
  7. J

    Glass block window running vertically between two studs in bathroom

    Good luck. We'll look forward to seeing pictures of it in place!
  8. J


  9. J

    Best way to seal off toilet pipe

    Everything can be fixed with WD-40 and duct tape.
  10. J

    Best way to seal off toilet pipe

    Once you pull the toilet (the two nuts on either side), you'll find it mates to what is called a "closet flange." This should be set fairly close to the floor level (usually protrudes a slight amount). To remove that completely is going to take some work. If you can get to the floor below...
  11. J

    Glass block window running vertically between two studs in bathroom

    The instructions for a few of the pre-assembled ones I'm looking at expect a hole slightly larger than the assembly and then you mortar the thing in place (using some shims to get it centered vertically in the opening.
  12. J

    Best way to seal off toilet pipe

    The kind that fit down in the pipe are a good solution. Make sure you get the right size, they come in both 3" and 4" formats (you have to measure the pipe, for a few hours you can just stuff a rag in the hole to keep the gases out). Unless you're going to redo the floor, this is probably...
  13. J

    Glass block window running vertically between two studs in bathroom

    I've got glass block in a number of places in my house including in two of the shower stalls. I used individual glass blocks. just make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Essentially, they're more like doing masonry work than putting in regular windows. You need to make...
  14. J

    Garage Insulation Question

    The surfaces that are insulated should be completely sealed from what's inside. If there is space above the insulation, then yes, there should be some sort of ventilation (from the outside) there.
  15. J

    Glad to be here.

    Hi, I'm Jake and spent years in university facilities management. Now I dabble in a bit of house reno... I won't say flipping because I tend to work a bit slower than that. Looking forward to helping out.
  16. J

    Sharpening stones

    I lived with the diamond stones for most things until I got workshops (I have both one in my shop and their knife sharpener for the kitchen).
  17. J

    Cleaning a pool thermometer

    If it's glass you can try a scotch brite pad to get rid of the scum.