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    california going dry

    They say here, that "brown is the new gold." Being from Back East where it rained a lot and the blasted grass grew no matter what, with having to mow it sometimes twice a week, I'm all for letting the lawn be as dry as a bone. I'm going to cut it down to as low as I can go, and just weed it...
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    Pantry won't fit with toe kick

    I'm thinking the base piece gets trimmed down and then the cabinet is slid onto it and secured to the wall. There has to be a little gap between the top and ceiling as no house was ever built 100% square, plumb, nor straight. Perhaps a picture of the bottom of the cabinet? That might help...
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    I want to be a House Flipper.

    Somehow I wound up being the world's slowest house flipper. Didn't intend for it to be that way but a better situation would come up somewhere else in this great country, I'd have to sell. By that time, everything would be working, no more great problems hanging over my head, and I'd be looking...
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    Hard lesson to learn

    I saw the "saw stop" too. If anything, it or something like should be required by law.
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    Leaking sliding door in stucco....

    Um, how do they leak? Thought it was the roof but no, it's the door. Minor rot in plates and subfloor...easy fix. Found that under the laminate flooring. Stucco flush to the frame of the door, no obvious cracks. The roof overhangs by 18 inches but dead eastern exposure. I live in Sack O'...
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    loose door casing

    My old townhouse, the original builders would nail the prehung doors to the wall through the casing. Then they would just nail casing on the other side. Nailing jambs, nope since they were a hurry. So one fine day thirty years later as I'm redoing the casing to suit me, the door starts flopping...
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    laminate vs Hardwood floor

    The one nice thing about laminate floors is that they are real easy to tear out. Yellow pine (Longleaf only) is really beautiful in the sunlight if finished clear. It's just too soft though, so I lean toward Red Oak me-self.
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    Favorite Big Box Hardware store?

    Home Depot....down the street. Got stuff but a little dirty and disorganized in their stocking. Selection of tools decent but finish products a bit basic. Lowe's......five miles along a levee road. Got some stuff. Good appliance selection, finish products, but not so good on some power tools...
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    Using pressure treated lumber for termites?

    I think it depends on the age of the wood. Arsenic treated wood was banned in 2003, so they went to a different copper treatment. The name escapes me but it will eat steel fasteners. Think at the very least, hot dipped galvanized. Also saw a carpenter bee hole in the new stuff. I was more...
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    Need a Contractors License?

    It is a bit ridiculous here. Five hundred is awful low as a limit for unlicensed work. At least the weather is nice.
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    How to "fix" a floor to ceiling doorway

    Fill it in of course! I framed out the opening with 2 by 8's and pushed it out 4 inches. Thinking of doing the same to the other three closets. The openings are six feet wide as opposed to four, but it should go well.
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    Floor to ceiling doors?

    It seems that all the interior doors in the place went from the floor all the way up. It's a rancher built in 1970. The second to last owner framed the door openings down to 82". Not well, pretty obvious flip job, but the house has good bones and it was a REO. Gonna do standard doors but with...
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    Moisture buildup problem in bathroom

    The more CFM the fan is rated at, the more moisture will move out. Also, is there enough fresh air coming into the bathroom? How much gap under the door, or do you have a vent? What kind of showers are taken? Navy showers or tropic downpour? My showerhead only has a rating of 2.5 GPM and it has...
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    Cutting holes in laminate countertop

    Center the sink, hopefully you got a paper pattern with it. Makes it much easier. Small pilot hole then a jigsaw. Of course the counter has to be not installed yet. My own druthers, is to order the counter already to size and with the sink hole already done. Also google installing kitchen sink...
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    Size of Bulbs in Can Lighting

    Probably heat output. Should be a maximum wattage rating as well. In my case, I converted to all CFLs anyway after a particularly hideous utility bill.
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    Dishwasher sound .. not cleaning.

    New construction? New kitchen or existing? Does the dishwasher drain? I had to knock out the plug from the disposal dishwasher attachment two times in my life. Of course they weren't draining at all.
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    Got bored with the townhouse.

    So I got a new project. It's a 1970 Linda Mar rancher in Sacramento. So far I've been running around with a caulking gun. Pictures soon.
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    Bathroom lavatory/toilet ideas?

    You might get lucky at an Habitat for Humanity Restore. Sometimes they have good stuff, sometimes not. Also scope out sales at your local big box hardware store. Glommed a good deal on a precast sink and white vanity base once. Demolition .... be methodical and neat. Try to save anything...
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    Installing painted molding:paint on or off wall?

    Before I stick it in, One coat primer, one coat finish. Then, paint the cut ends with primer, Install and second coat. Don't forget to fill holes or caulk gaps as needed.
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    Replacing carpet with vynil tiles

    I like to use underlayment. It helps smooth out a rough subfloor.