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    New foundation, old house

    Well, its been long enough... I have overstayed my time... Nice to see and get to know you all... Have a Great Life! And, stay Faithful to the LORD... chow Jesse
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    Rogue fence post repair options

    When you cut the treated lumber, it seems to have a tendency to warp and bow and cup and do all sorts of twisted things, unless you seal the edges. I did this to my deck/porch. I sealed one, (really by accident) and not the other, and the other warped on me while the painted one, was perfectly...
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    Insulating Basement Walls???

    Ok, first off, you make your sill plate (bottom of your wall), out of treated lumber. Then use regular pine for the uprights. Now, keep the wood approximately 1/2 inch from the wall, (unless you use treated lumber for this also). I would go with the pink corning fiberglass R-13 insulation...
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    Framing water damage

    You can add the studs right next to the ones that is rotted, but, take the rotted ones out, once you DO put the new ones in. (If not the rot will spread to the good wood and you will be in the same boat as you are now). Prime the entire surrounding area, if its got a chance to get wet...Maybe...
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    talking tools

    Well, in my 'younger years' I used to buy Black&Decker tools, and kept replacing them faster than I changed my socks! And Sears 'home tools' (cant tell you how many circular saws, jig saws and other hand tools I went through). Now, I have DeWalt (and no jokes about it still being B&D:)) and...
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    Need good 2 story shed/play house design

    You got REALLY NICE KIDS THERE!! LOL!!! Hmmm maybe they can teach my kids to be so generous, eh? When your ready to put them up for adoption, keep me in mind ;) LOL!! Now, about the Wife..... hmmmmm Well, she is generous, so, I cant complain YET! ROTFLOL!!! (Course, I...
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    Ceiling fan hummmmm....

    I have the same problem... Like a 60 cycle hum... My problem is, I didnt use a wire nut, nor, solder the wires, (to me its the best connection, but my girl busted my cold-heat the first day I used it..sheesh, she dropped it, so I have to order a new one, once I get that, I will solder the...
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    Wood stove stained my shingles #$@!!

    Hmmm I'm wondering if waterless hand cleaner will work? GO-JO or something like that... Take a scrub brush, and a liberal amount on it, then scrub the area and wash off with some water from a large sprayer...(hose type, not blast with a power washer... I would worry about damaging the...
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    An attempt at drawing

    I think it looks great! Shows real progress and talent! Keep up the good work... You may be in one of them artist fairs some day... Now, ya gotta try your hand at painting...and make some BIG BUCKS :) Jesse
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    Need Help With Insulating Ceiling Of Enclosed Porch

    Since you have the walls off, upgrade the electrical works. Hmmm windows and glass sliding door? Can you eliminate some of these? I had 6 windows in our "Sun room", took out 5 of them and have an 8X12' bedroom...(Yea, the girl complained once she got older..., so when my boy went to...
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    I think my house is killing my electronics, no really!

    Ok, I can sympathise with this... I had a C.B. antenna, (30 foot job), on a 50 foot tower. And for the longest time, I was getting some type of interference... humming, buzzing static that eventually blew out my new curtis mathis tv (And of course, this is when they WENT OUT OF BUSINESS...
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    Need Help With Insulating Ceiling Of Enclosed Porch

    Well, I know how you feel, by taking a porch and making it into a bedroom. I did the same with my porch, for my little girl...(Doc said no mo', and voila, she comes along anyways :))... So, I do this and that... including putting holes in the eave under the roof for vents...(they had these...
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    Hello from a Weekend Warrior

    HEY!! YA GOT THE EYES "JUST RIGHT" LOL!!! But, wheres my NOSE???? Sheeesh, cant expect everything right, eh? Jesse
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    Rightiously Pissed Off

    I feel so LOVED... ROTFLOL!!! Here.. this is a site for you to ... CHILL OUT!!! Just practise this enough, and your gonna get GOOOOOOOOD!! ;) Jesse
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    Hot tub?

    I was wondering where this post went to... :) And wondering what you actually "did" with that good ol boy??? Maybe y'all can git that good ol boy in one of them ciallis commercial an be like "Ted - Alice - Bob" routine??? hmmm thats an idea ;) Are Shads really good for eating? When I...
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    Hello from a Weekend Warrior

    Welcome to the Forum, and hope that you post a lot! I post to see myself think... While others cant stand to see me think and wish I would go away... Some day I will... But, not today LOL!! Welcome, and never be a stranger!! Jesse
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    Best way to sell a vintage appliance

    Hiya neighbor.. Jesse from Steubenvill Ohio here... We have Antique Dealers in my area...You might want to contact them... (But, I'm sure they are in your City too, your just not looking in the Yellow Pages, in the right place, maybe?)... Personally, I dont like "old stuff" unless its...
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    condensation in sliding glass door

    Ok, so what do you ask for, in a door like that? Do you think the seller will know what type of system that they used? Or, are they just "Home Depot" type sellers that dont know too much of anything? Also, I like those windows that are almost bullet proof! (My brother got windows...
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    Rightiously Pissed Off

    The man needs some Prosiac... (Of course, thats AFTER he is done with his wiring for the day, and not before:))... Take some deep breaths... Let it out... Deep breaths... Let it out... (Hmmm think I can charge for this? LOL!!)... Deep Breaths... Let it out... :) Jesse
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    Green it all?

    Well, its what I have read in many places, regarding florescent lighting and GFI wall sockets. I am not happy with it either, because I put up a florescent lighting in line with my GFI...(And believe me, that GFI saved my bacon MANY TIMES when I was doing my bathroom, cutting into wiring...