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    Need help/suggestions for Deck framing problem.

    looks good. For that low of deck did it even need a permit? I believe around here (Denver, co) most cities don't bother unless it is high enough to need railings. Now you have the permit and proof it was signed off, so it is a definite +. As for the high footing. Could you have taken a...
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    Kitchen Cabinets

    Personal recomendation. I do not care for tile countertops. Current house has 3 bathrooms w/ tile countertops. Everything you do in the kitchen is going to slop over onto the countertop. Any grout lines are locations that multiply the difficulty of cleaning. Add to that any time you...
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    LG LRFC22750ST beeps 3 times every 30 seconds

    Take a look here for your model # I just found this looking for info about my dryer that is not able to start tumbling. Not just owners manuals, but they also have service manuals to download as well. Good luck
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    Refrigerator bottom not cooling, freezer section OK

    Frost buildup in the vent/damper/duct between freezer and fridge compartments did that to me once. Ended up shutting it down and completely defrosting and drying out freezer compartment and clearing out the duct between compartments. I took out the bottom panel in the freezer and found a...
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    Painting Stripes on Bedroom Wall

    Two tips. "burnish" the edge of the tape by pressing it tight to the wall with the edge of a putty knife, or similar tool. Just don't gouge the wall. Lay out your lines w/ faint pencil, or perhaps laser line on the wall. Then use a good brush to paint up to the line. A little practice...
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    Brush surprise!

    Thanks for the heads up. Good to hear about a tool well suited to the job. I've also used thinner brushes for cutting in. Your comments about this bigger brush holding more paint make sense. I also like the idea of the screw hook to hang it on the paint can.
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    Closet Door Opens, Lights On, Shut door, Light off

    What Jay Said Electric Door Light Switch 600 Watt - Rockler Woodworking Tools
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    A house made of straw

    Bale construction I have seen is quite cost effective. What I have seen is essentially a "pole barn" type construction, often steel beams. Then the straw bales are bulit up between the beams. The bales are used for the external walls, then more traditional framing is used inside. Simliar...
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    Please don't laugh - I'm serious about this question

    Be sure to get the good shrink tube that has an adhesive liner in it as well. It will melt when you shrink it down and seal tightly to the wire. If you get the plain shrink tube without the adhesive it will be suceptible (sp?) to moisture getting into the splice.
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    Never cut a finger off again!

    I agree the price tag is a bit much for me as well. However, what is a severed finger/hand worth to you? The fact that you have to replace the blade/safety mechanism if it does trip stinks, but how much $$ would you be spending in medical bills otherwise. There is no way to really put a...
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    Questions about in wall/ ceiling speakers

    I have a co-worker who just installed some speakers that are truly hidden speakers. You texture, prime, and paint right over them after install. The company is onsia Onsia Concealed Sound Solutions He seems to be happy with how they work. They do however transmit through both sides of...
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    Coonverting a lamp into a ceiling fixture.

    First off, I'm not an electrician so this is just my opinion. If the fixture is metal, it should very well be grounded. To do that, leave the ground wire attached inside the box. drill a hole in the bottom of the fixture where it will seat over the box and attach a ground wire (use a...
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    Homemade Gift Ideas

    I've done a few things like that before. Usually a bit more practical however. One good one for those traveling for the holliday is a "Traveling basket" Things like a tire gauge, washer fluid, Rain-X, space blanket, road flares, flashlight, etc. As a family, we've done our favorite...
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    Green Christmas

    Old cards can be used to make oragami gift boxes. I haven't made them in forever, but they are easy to cut out and fold. The front of the card makes the top and the back makes the bottom. The boxes end up about the size of a ring box. Of course they work great for that, but also make good...
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    interior painting:roll or spray??

    I think the other posts have about covered it. Spraying requires good masking and taping to avoid overspray. Yes new airless sprayers do minimize that problem, but you still have a lot of atomized paint particles floating around so a mask is a must. I would imagine you also need to pretty...
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    Weird fisher & paykel drain problem

    Good suggestions Rainsford. I'll have to take a look at the Y-connection on mine to see that it isn't set up to cause water to run back to the other unit. I did set it up with a good loop higher than the sink level, but you never know.
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    How many wires in a conduit?

    How many of those variations do you have memorized speedy?
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    marking drywall for elec boxes

    I've heard of "kissing" the back side of the sheetrock by applying lipstick, to the front edge of the outlet box. Then press the sheetrock in place. This will transfer a mark onto the back of the sheetrock that you can use to cut out the rough opening. Then hang the sheet and if necessary...
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    House settling?

    USOB, I'm here in CO also. Do you have Bentonite soil around your home? There are lots of areas along the front range with this expansive clay that really creates havoc with everything from foundations, sidewalks, streets, etc. My house is 1965 and has had some definate settling. Over...
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    Basement Laundryroom cabinetry

    I am gearing up to do some rework in our laundry room. It is approx 11 x 11 ft w/ built-in cabinets across one wall, w/ a countertop across the adjoining wall. The biggest issue is the cabinets are constructed as just doorframes over shelving, so the backside is open to the cement basement...