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    Is irregular heat the fault of the burner or the stove?

    Both items baked in my oven and cooked on my stove top don’t cook at consistent heat— over cooked at one end and raw or done at the other end. Do you think this could be solved by replacing the burners? Or does the whole appliance need to be replaced? I am a renter so don’t want to replace it at...
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    Advice on replacing an extension cord?

    Thank you! I think all that was plugged in to the cord was a computer (last night when we discussed this: I don't know about when the father was here) and a space heater might have been running off the regular outlet in the other room. Yes, I'll try to get the shortest cord (I asked her to...
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    Greetings from Toronto

    I am a renter in a very old house who both wants and needs to do things myself: I enjoy it and my landlord doesn’t always pull their weight or only does the necessities. Looking for occasional advice and ideas!
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    Advice on replacing an extension cord?

    Hi! I’m a tenant with two housemates in the 2nd and third floor of an old house. There is only one circuit for the 3rd floor which has both of their bedrooms. We’ve been using a heavy extension cord from the 2nd floor which has prevented the circuit from blowing for 6 years (various other...