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  1. SavvyCat

    Adhesive on Concrete

    The previous owner of the house I bought covered the entire patio with fake grass, and her little dog used it for a bathroom for lord knows how long. The adhesive used is only haphazardly spot applied, and I bought a floor scraper to try to get it up, but it's still quite gummy and seriously...
  2. SavvyCat

    Old Newbie

    I'm not new, but I tend to come and go with long periods in between. For some reason, I move, buy a house, and find things were not as they seemed and the inspector missed it. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't an old broad, single income. I try to channel my daddy who was handyman personified...
  3. SavvyCat

    What did you do today?

    Today I replaced the plug end of my deep freeze and added an extension cord (see thread from a few weeks ago). I also decided I was GOING TO figure out what was leaking under the kitchen sink. I finally found it was in the first joint from the disposal, which was cut at an angle. After I fixed...
  4. SavvyCat

    Kenmore dishwasher has a hole in the tub

    FYI, I have used this on shower floor, screw holes when I removed shower doors, and even on the tank of a humidifier, and I have never had a problem with it. I'm not sure how it would fare near the heat element, but it dries hard. It might work as a stop-gap while you save. It's a two-part...
  5. SavvyCat

    Dishwasher Insulation Blanket?

    I just had a new dishwasher delivered, and as the guys were setting it in the garage, I made the off-hand comment that now I just need someone to install it. They said they would for $100 and I let them. I noticed it didn't have a blanket when they put it in, and I just thought newer...
  6. SavvyCat

    Replacing Freezer Power Cord

    That's what Home Depot called it. They other end is the plug, as you labors to 'splain it indicate.
  7. SavvyCat

    Replacing Freezer Power Cord

  8. SavvyCat

    Replacing Freezer Power Cord

    I decided to go this route. Thank you! AND it gave me an idea what to do with the snipped cords I have. I ordered some outlet ends and will make those extension cords for a couple of other projects I have. Yer awesome!
  9. SavvyCat

    Replacing Freezer Power Cord

    I was going to replace the plug when I started thinking I need a couple more feet. It's a 15A outlet on a 20A circuit.
  10. SavvyCat

    Obama didn't plan too well

    He keeps repeating other people's lines about Obama because he thinks it's clever. It's actually quite old and boring. And not appropriate for this forum.
  11. SavvyCat

    Replacing Freezer Power Cord

    This question isn't so much for the house, but for an appliance in it. I accidentally broken off the grounding pin on the plug of my 7 c.f. chest freezer. I keep having to move it and I forgot to unplug it. I'd like to replace the power cord with a longer one, but wonder if there's a reason...
  12. SavvyCat

    Solar Screen Usefulness

    The townhouse I bought has solar screens, which I guess is a good thing since I'm in Southern Nevada. But I was wondering if they serve any purpose other than reducing the sun's intensity when it's directly on the windows. I mean, do they have any actual insulation properties? The reason I ask...
  13. SavvyCat

    Fixing Sloppy Spackling

    The former owner of my townhouse was told she didn't have to repair any nail holes, etc. Sadly, she did me the "favor" of doing so anyway--very badly--and painted her handywork with the custom paints she left me in mason jars. I actually consider myself one of the world's best hole repair...
  14. SavvyCat

    Dishwasher Air Gap

    I was wondering if the dishwasher air gap is just a quaint tradition or codified. I didn't have one in my Utah house, but in Southern Nevada I do. I just bought a new kitchen faucet and realized it conflicts with the stupid wart on my sink. Is that thing really necessary these days?
  15. SavvyCat

    Removing Glued Astroturf

    The house I bought has a very nice ~400sf covered patio with warm LED light circling the upper perimeter and a ceiling fan. I have a beautiful patio sofa set that makes the whole space so inviting. The problem is, the previous owners glued 4'x4' sections of fake grass with overlapping edges...
  16. SavvyCat

    Refrigerator Issues/Diagnosis

    "Or just to find info on typical repair costs, so you are better prepared if you hire someone.” That’s what I did. I watched a couple of videos, but it looked a little complex. (Although I did replace my own iPhone battery, so I think I can do almost anything.) I know the cost of the part and...
  17. SavvyCat

    New to Two-Story Living

    That reminds me an old sandstone we lived in when I was a kid, probably built around the same time. There was NO heat upstairs, and we kids had space heaters and sleeping bags in our beds. Nowadays someone probably would have called CPS for the abuse. But I think it’s why I like sleeping in a...
  18. SavvyCat

    New to Two-Story Living

    Thanks. I actually have been using a space heater. I have one that’s on wifi with an app. 😃 I was just hoping there was some neat trick others might know if normalize the top and bottom. I have a feeling I’m going to be using this portable (sort of) air conditioner in my bedroom come summer...
  19. SavvyCat

    New to Two-Story Living

    I was just trying to do that. I can't reach the two in the loft. It's like a 25 foot vault! Don't know what I'm going to do when that smoke alarm battery waaay up there needs changed. Thanks for the tip!
  20. SavvyCat

    New to Two-Story Living

    I just bought a two-story townhouse, and I am baffled about how to have a consistent temperature between floors. It is so warm up top while chilly down below. The temp spread isn't huge, but I need a cool room to be able to sleep. In that case, I have programmed my thermostat to stop heating...