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  1. EricK

    How do I connect sink tail piece to drain pipe?

    I hear you on not wanting to break the pipe coming out of the wall. That's a tricky one. One thing you may consider is cutting it shorter so that you can raise your p-trap.
  2. EricK

    3 way switch-I think I did something wrong-One switch always has to be "On".

    Hi, these are the steps I have taken to fix the same issue you have. Works almost every time. Assuming you do have two three-way switches here's what you can do if one switch needs to be in a particular position (on/off) in order for the other to work. Pull one switch from the wall. Then take...
  3. EricK

    Shower grab bars

    Yes, I have come across this problem. You have a bit of an air gap between the acrylic wall and the finished wall, assuming it's finished of course. There is a product designed just for the situation. I've used it and it works well. Here's a link to it on Amazon...
  4. EricK

    Funny Pictures and stories....

    The same people who go to England from America and bring an English to English translation
  5. EricK

    Angle stops difficult to remove...

    A quick thought... If you are worried about bending or twisting the copper pipe, you could unsolder the fitting. Looks like there's enough copper pipe to add a compression fitting angle stop.
  6. EricK

    My bathtub faucet spout needs to be replaced

    Actually that was a very good video! Something went wrong and he showed you how to fix it. I have replaced several bathtub sprouts, I've never had the copper pipe come out with it. I say go for it, it's really not too difficult. Like the video says, check the bottom of your spout for a set...
  7. EricK

    Ceiling light install

    I like the connectors that your fixture came with. I use them all the time. They should be a little smaller than a traditional wire nut. Easier to connect multiple wires also, then a traditional wire nut. You could cut the wires a little shorter, though I would not recommend that. I like your...
  8. EricK

    Moen kitchen faucet is leaking from base under the sink?

    Sparky asks a good question. If you cannot figure it out I would recommend removing the faucet from the sink. Reconnect it under the sink directly to the valves and then turn it on. (You can direct the water into a bucket) Now you'll have a full view of the faucet and you can see where it's...
  9. EricK

    Do I need a carpenter, a locksmith, or a door company?

    Fire guy has it right. I work as a handyman. This is a common issue. See the markings from your latch on the strike plate? They are a little low. Here's what happens. The door sags a little bit. Then the latch and the deadbolt hit the opening a little on the low side. I bet when you close your...
  10. EricK

    How to dim just one LED light

    That's the story of everybody's home improvement life! :-) Sometimes for people like me, we got to try it three times
  11. EricK

    What type of leak only leaks sometimes?

    I once found a tricky leak for a customer. He said the shower leaks sometimes but not always. So I knew it wasn't the p-trap or the drain. The shower had a wand so we sprayed each of the three handles on the wall; hot, cold and diverter. As soon as we hit the diverter water started going...
  12. EricK

    Furniture drawers need help sliding

    Johnson paste wax. The drawers will fly across the room! (Soap work temporarily but will wear out sooner and will gather dirt)
  13. EricK

    What happened to my paint ?

    Zinsser Bullseye 1 2 3 is my favorite primer. I'm surprised at how nicely it sprays. But for sap bleed through, Zin Bin is the best.
  14. EricK

    What happened to my paint ?

    Zinsser Bin shellac primer is the best at sealing sap and preventing bleed through. I love the stuff.
  15. EricK

    Clicking switch flashing lights

    Excellent point! I've had this issue when installing a new light fixture for a homeowner when they have an old switch. The switch needs to be updated and that solves the problem. Or, if you're able, put in a different bulb. Either approach may solve the OP'S problem
  16. EricK

    Odd Plumbing

    Good theories! Unfortunately, my pictures don't show the half inch copper line coming out of the wall for both hot and cold. Each line is Tee'd off into two different valves. One set of valves goes up to the faucet the other set of valves go to the quarter inch copper tubing in the picture. So...
  17. EricK

    Odd Plumbing

    I figured it might have been for some kind of specialty faucet. There are no additional holes up at the sink so maybe for something within the cabinet itself?. It doesn't get in the way of anything and it has its own shut-off valves. Just had no idea what it was for.
  18. EricK

    Clicking switch flashing lights

    First thing I would do is turn the power back off, then check all the wiring connections. I'm assuming that your new light and the lights that are blinking are on the same breaker. I don't know what you mean by a little breaker below the light switch. Can you provide more information on that?
  19. EricK

    Odd Plumbing

    My wife and I bought another home. I went to change the faucet in the extra bathroom and discovered this set up which I can only describe as odd. It looks like the hot and cold are connected by a quarter inch copper line. The elevation of this house is at 4,000 ft so it does snow and get really...
  20. EricK

    Removing Handle From Bathroom Faucet

    You can try heating the area with a propane torch. The heat will expand the metal and break the bond. Once it cools off try the method I mentioned above