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  1. RafeTold

    Mini lathe from my garage

    Hi all! This spring I want to equip my garage to the maximum, I want to do some DIY and I need a lathe, who owns lathes, what can you advise? the main condition is that it would be pretty compact! Best Mini and Midi Lathe of 2021 [for Creative Handymen] there are many models presented here, but...
  2. RafeTold

    How can remove rust from this meat grinder in a food-safe way?

    Sandblast your choice!
  3. RafeTold

    What did you do today?

    Today I decided to review all parts of Iron Man
  4. RafeTold

    Weird condensation issue...

    Moisture may appear somewhere under the siding from this and condensation
  5. RafeTold

    Is this maple potential trouble?

    Considering how powerful the roots of growth are, I would think about removing it
  6. RafeTold

    Weird condensation issue...

    Does your home have external insulation?