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  1. paul52446m

    What is the best way to quit smoking?

    Hi all, Paul here. I went to see another Doc. today to confirm condition and treatment for my cancer. I do have stage 4 cancer that very rarely is ever cured. I have a cancer tumor in my one lung, and some other cancer in my limp nods in my back. This next Wed. Leanna and i will be...
  2. paul52446m

    canadian geese

    There is a golf course is north Mi. that had the problem with the birds. They trained two dogs that will chase birds all day long. and they trained the dogs to go potty in one spot. They say they are working out great. Paul
  3. paul52446m

    Vacuum Insulated Glass

    I never said they were in a neg. pressure. Naturally flat glass could not be in a pressure or a vacuum, or it would bow in or out. It just like when a pull a vacuum on a air con. system to get the moisture and air out, then i put the gas in. Only difference is the air con. is all round pipe...
  4. paul52446m

    Vacuum Insulated Glass

    If they only pull a real small vacuum of a couple of inches and then they can put the gas in as they vacuum.. Paul
  5. paul52446m

    Vacuum Insulated Glass

    As far as i know every double or triple pain window is vacuum sealed . If they were not vacuum sealed then there would be air in between the glass and you would have moisture showing. Because all air has moisture in it so that,s how they take the air out, vacuum sealing, Taking air out and...
  6. paul52446m

    What BTU need to heating up 3000sf house

    would need a lot of info to do a heat loss. What area do you live in, and how cold does it get? Sq' of out side walls and what insulation in those walls? Sq' of ceiling and how much insulation in attic? is basement walls insulated? with whit? and how far above ground are the basement walls...
  7. paul52446m

    Air handler will not blow

    If you have a bad winding that would need a new motor. I have a service man that does all of your service and he also replaces all the parts so i do not keep up with the prices. Paul
  8. paul52446m

    Crumbling/cracking problem with new driveway

    When a customer puts in a complaint it doesn't make any difference if the inspector is interested or not its his job. Paul
  9. paul52446m

    Crumbling/cracking problem with new driveway

    Is this co. a license contractor. , then call the inspector at your building agency. If he got a permit or didn't get a permit If he did not do it right then its the inspector job to go after him. He will have to make it right or lose his license. If you had some one do the job that is not...
  10. paul52446m

    Air handler will not blow

    Your fan on speed is probably a different speed then the cooling. You will have to find the wires coming back from the blower to your electronic board , Find out what speed the cooling is on and check the power to see if you have 220 volts going to motor when calling for cooling, if you do...
  11. paul52446m

    Wire under elevated screen porch

    If it not in conduit, i would worry about animals Chewing on the wire. I think i would use the conduit. Paul
  12. paul52446m

    oil furnace

    Yes your supply voltage should be 120 volts or close to that. Paul
  13. paul52446m

    Cracked Fireplace Flue Lining

    Some people have a hard time with math! You are right ,if you have a regular size fire place you should have a 12 x 12 clay liner. The man should check and see if the clay liners are cemented in. If they were cemented, then that why they are cracked. Clay liners are suppose to just set on top of...
  14. paul52446m

    Furnace won't start fan

    Well its not real simple, If your furnace has a electronic board you need to look at that board and find a post with a wire marked heat. fire the furnace and check this heat post for a while with the furnace running and see if you get 120 volts on it. If you do then the board is good , if you...
  15. paul52446m

    Need Some Information and Help

    If the furnace is in a clo. with a solid door on it, the return air must be ducted out of that room. There should be burner air 25sq." one hi and one low in that room. Paul
  16. paul52446m

    Need Some Information and Help By your ser. no. i think your furnace is a 2002. If you can't insulate from the inside maybe you can from do it from the out side with new vents. Sounds like you have to do some investigating to find out what you have. Paul
  17. paul52446m

    My walls are cold!

    In most old homes you would have to have plugs hi and low because they put draft stops half way up the walls. Paul
  18. paul52446m

    Need Some Information and Help

    If your home is insulated good then your furnace is large enough. Your furnace is 70,000 BTU. 80% Eff. i think. Are the ducks in the attic insulated good? How deep is your crawl hole? You should have foam insulation on your blocks walls in the crawl space, and make sure your vents are...
  19. paul52446m

    Another cold air return question

    Your post is really helping this person out??? Paul
  20. paul52446m

    Another cold air return question

    Take your doors off or electric cover off and find you wiring diagram. Between the yellow and blue coming from the blower, i don't remember which one is med Lo and med Hi . you want the Med Hi on the heat post. With out seeing the rest of the system it would be hard for me to go any further...