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    Old house wiring

    One story, three bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 bath, built on a slab. Not sure how big. Bought new in the 60's.
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    Old house wiring

    House was built in the 60's. No third ground wire. Would rewiring to include a ground wire be worth the cost and safety????
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    Old cement mixer parts

    Saved an old Sears cement mixer for the junk yard. Needs a new motor. Start winding is bad. The tag is weathered so can't see all the numbers. Anyone know what it is????
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    Resin shed roof

    Probably been talked about many time, but what is the best way to pull down the corners after they have aged????
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    Best way to fix a depression in driveway

    Years ago we had a driveway done. It had a depression hole along the wall. They put some kind of patch on it, but the edges are cracking off. Sometimes a car will drive over it. So what would be the best way to fix this????
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    Swivel Spray Aerator

    I am looking for a swivel spray aerator for my utility room faucet. Can't seem to find one with a fitting large enough to fit. I'm guessing they are made for kitchen sink. Any ideas what I should be looking for???
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    Homelite XL chainsaw

    I have an old Homelite XL "little Red Saw" that hasn't been used in a while. Need to cut down a tree, so trying to get it going. Kind of a pain to work on these things. Had to take it apart just to get the air filter out. Sprayed starter fluid in, and it started. The primer bulb is gone, fuel...
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    Looking for drill bits

    Probably correct. I didn't want to use a good bit, so I got the cheapest one I could find. I'll try a good bit. They would snap just where they came out of the holder.
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    Looking for drill bits

    I did try that with a few different bits. For some reason the bits would snap more often than the correct bits.
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    Looking for drill bits

    I can't seem to find a replacement, #6/-3/32, pilot drill bit for my old Makita countersink drill/driver. These have a flat on the bottom so the set screw can hold it. I tried to use a regular bit, but it just didn't hold. Any ideas where I could fins some. I have tried Amazon already
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    Water heater died?????

    I have solar, so the water heater doesn't work to often. We've been having lots of rain the last few day, and I noticed not much hot water. I reset the breaker in the heater. It normally trips when the water, from the solar, get to hot. It's been that way from when we got it. They did come out...
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    Wood termites don't like

    What kind of wood do termites like the least????? Would it be as good as if I treat treat the wood with the green termite treatment????
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    Sandwich a beam

    Now that makes sense. Thank you
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    Sandwich a beam

    So project has started. I am sanding the paint off both sides. Plan on using Loctite PL3X. 3/4" CDX on he inside, and ACX on the out side. Nail gun nails. One question...... On the joints between the ply, would is be stronger if it were cut at an angle instead of 90'???? I would think more...
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    Repurposed Dryer Drum

    Climate change is because we have way to many people on the earth. Our population has exploded in the last 10 years. If someone really wants to do something useful to cut back on Co2. They should take a flying leap off a cliff. If all of these "green" people would do it to "save the planet"...
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    Best construction adhesive, wood to wood

    Going to jack it higher than even before adding the ply. I'm sure it will sag a little. It's been over 25 year since done, and it has sagged over an inch. Took out the sag with a pole, but the pole is always in the way. So it has to go. Friend who's going to help said not to spread the PL out...
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    Best construction adhesive, wood to wood

    There are so many out there. So many reviews and clips. So which is the strongest???? I'm looking for something to hold the surface of plywood to wood beam. Looking to repair a sagging beam by sandwiching it between 3/4" plywood. Sistering????
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    Oil based paint gone????

    Nationalist socialist state of hawaii. We don't have a smog problem. But sometimes, when the wind changed, the steam from the eruptions cover the island. I've had problems with water based paints not drying. That's why I went to oil based. Now no oil based, so I guess I have no choice.
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    Oil based paint gone????

    I went to look for some oil based paint, and seems no one here has any. One guy I talked to, said they've been out for a long time. I've heard that the gooberment wants to phase out oil based paints. It's just not green enough for people that have no idea about paints. Could it be true?????
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    Rotten Egg Smell When First Using Drain

    I also have the samething happen sometimes. It seems only from one sink. The kitchen sink. It's the closest sink to the main pipe. Drains is slow sometimes, so I use some Enzyme drain cleaner for a few days. Seems to work. We're on city water and sewer.