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  1. J

    Installing insulation to existing wall

    All your suggestions would be totally useless.
  2. J

    Chainsaw oil

    Regular motor oil should never be used, it's not tacky enough and will just sling off and do nothing but make a mess.
  3. J

    Roof Leak at Flashing - one year old roof

    Going to need to see pictures from up on the roof, inside pictures are useless. That whole thing sounds odd.
  4. J

    How much would this cost?

    Your going to have to call around and get some local prices. Ball park prices will not do anyone any good.
  5. J

    colored spackle?

    If they used "spackle" to fill anything on the outside you got ripped off! Spackle is just for filling small nail holes inside! It's likely splitting because it was allowed to go to long between repaintings. Any filler used now is just going to fail from expantion and contraction. As mentioned...
  6. J

    Cutting Hardie Board

    Just a really bad idea! It would be cheaper and faster to just by a new table. The only time I've seen this work out is when the guy cut out a piece of 4 X 8 X 3/4" PVC to fit. It worked perfect, but looked like poop.
  7. J

    Mulching blade

    I've owned a lawn care company for over 15 years. I've tried the double blades, adding a mulching deck and blades to the mower and it always was a mess. Just cut the lawn at 4" and it will look better and choke out the weeds.
  8. J

    Deck 1 yr old - Stain company messed up

    Best that could be expected, except those grade marks that should have been sanded off before staining. Use a transparent or semi- transparent stain and every flaw will show through and will not last as long.
  9. J

    Cutting Hardie Board

    Unless this is going to be attached to 3/4 plywood, it's not going to work. Hardie board has 0 top loading strength.
  10. J

    Something is happening to my ceiling and I don't know what is causing it...

    Just looks like a really bad drywall job and someone did not apply a second coat of paint over the primer to me.
  11. J

    J Channel For Soffit On Stucco

    It get nailed to the rafter tails, not the stucco wall.
  12. J

    Vinyl plank flooring after a basement flood

    Simple answer is, yes there's a real danger that mold or fungus may grow under that flooring.
  13. J

    Stucco encases rotting siding that I’d like to replace

    #1, That's not stucco, It's panels that just look like stucco. #2, Where's the pictures of the rot? Your siding looks like Smart Side, the only time I've seen it fail is if it was installed to close to grade.
  14. J

    Deck reconstruction?

    Please post some pictures of the deck for better suggestions on how to do it.
  15. J

    Restoring Rusty Tow Chains

    Would have been easier to just replace them. If I had to do this I would have sprayed them with cold galv. paint...
  16. J

    Sealing windows without flashing or barrier

    I going to just make a guess since I'm not there to see this in person, so forgive me if I'm wrong on all the facts. Someone installed these windows from the outside. There the wrong style window, and size window, I'm judging this by what looks a built in sill, which would mean they where made...
  17. J

    LVP Bathroom Install - should I remove current damaged flooring? How to seal around tub, etc?

    Silicone caulking is all you need around the tub. Do not use that stick on trim!! It will not stay stuck, been there done that. And yes all that old flooring needs to come out!
  18. J

    Exterior metal trim on vinyl replacement windows

    He also should have used a simple compound bevel gauge when making the cuts and marking for the tabs so there was no big open seams like that. I would have make a saw cut into the top of that mullion strip so I could have a place for a 1/2 tab in that head piece so there the was no thin strip...
  19. J

    Miter Saw Hold Down Stick

    That whole post just makes no since! What does that silly tool have to do with trimming bushes?
  20. J

    Light switch cover

    Not silly at all, I've been in the building trades off and on for over 50 years and that's the first one I've seen like that.