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    New gutters with leaky low spot

    Hello there. Hope you can help. Family member had new gutters installed. They appear to be angled correctly. Using hose, Flooded roof with water and it went to downspout. Did not flow behind gutter. That’s good. However, at the other end, there is a low spot and the water traveled there...
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    could our repair cause a fire?

    thanks for your reply. we were afraid water could drip onto electrical component causing a short. but all seems to be okay.
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    could our repair cause a fire?

    Samsung refrigerator had frozen line causing water and ice to drain into crisper area. Removed back inside panel, located line, and attempted to defrost with hair dryer. When that didnt work, inserted (pounded) bbq skewer into line to break up ice. Spouse thinks he may have punctured line...
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    live wires?

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply.
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    live wires?

    My old house once held an air conditioning unit which plugged into a 220v outlet. I wanted to be rid of the outlet so that I could paint. I asked my handyman to check the outlet to see if it's live. He said it tested dead and removed it and patched the wall. He said that it tested live at...