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  1. J

    Old house wiring

    The best place to check is at the panel. The grounds should be easier to see there if they are present.
  2. J

    Old house wiring

    Are you sure there is no ground wire. At that time grounding was starting to be required. It could be there in the form of a Boston back wrap.
  3. J

    Old 240V + 20Amps receptacle need to be replaced by a Nema 14-50

    It is against code to install a 50 amp receptacle on a 20 amp circuit. You should look for the proper adapter for the car to plug into a 20 amp receptacle.
  4. J

    Re-purposing a common (white) wire for 2nd pole of a 220 V circuit

    If the white is in the same cable as the black then it is permissible to colour it red at both ends and use the white(red) and black as a 240 volt source on a double pole breaker.
  5. J

    240v electrical line question

    If the electrical panel is within site of the water heater then no shut off needed. Just turn off the breaker.
  6. J

    40 amp sub panel

    You don't need a 40 amp breaker in the sub panel. You need a 40 amp breaker in the panel feeding the sub panel. Where are getting the info that you need a main in the sub panel? I am not aware of that rule.
  7. J

    How to disconnect this silver connector to my plumbing?

    It is a crimp connection. You can't disconnect it unless you saw it off.
  8. J

    Air compressor with mag starter

    In my opinion a mag starter is the wrong device for the compressor. All you need is a disconnect on the wall and the pressure switch turns the motor on and off.
  9. J

    Purpose of Large gap in brick

    most like they are for drainage to allow any water build up to drain from behind the wall.
  10. J

    Service drop amps

    Your sevice can supply up the value of your main breaker.
  11. J

    1 source, 3 switches [in one gang box] to 3 lights, but 1 light needs to power an outlet.

    If you use 14/2 then you must use a 15 amp breaker. If you want 20 amps then you must use #12 for all the cables.
  12. J

    Replacing fuses with breakers

    The first two option are not to code. I would not use anyone who suggested that option. When replacing the panel you have to meet the clearance requirements. Option 3 is the best. You can use GFCI breakers and replace the receptacle with three prong versions. they will not be grounded but will...
  13. J

    Underground PVC drain pipes pulled apart.

    Use a rubber coupling. You can slide it onto one pipe, align them and slide back onto the other pipe. They come in all sizes and brands.
  14. J

    Installing 4x8 wall panel directly to stud

    You can install panels direct to the stud.
  15. J

    White powder in wall

    The powder will brush off but then you need to address the moisture issue. Find where it is coming from and repair the issue. If this is a basement maybe all you need is a dehumidifier.
  16. J

    White powder in wall

    It is effervescence from moisture.
  17. J

    Combining 12 AWG and 10 AWG in one circuit

    It is not against code to use 10 on a 20 amp circuit but as you have discovered, working with #10 is a pain for lighting.
  18. J

    Electric Dryer-Drum Rotates but no heat

    It could be the power to the dryer. If one of the hot lines is out the motor will still run but no heat. I would try turning off the breaker and back on as a first step.
  19. J

    Search Engine Limitations

    You will get different results from different search engines. I normally use duckduckgo, but if I am not getting results I will try google.
  20. J

    Disassembling a Brick House from the Inside.

    There could be reasons the brick was needed such as fire stopping or support column.