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    Window AC unit power consumption Best of luck to you , :-) Wyr God bless
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    Window AC unit power consumption

    I have made several of those , over the years , using an appliance cord and 120 VAC 15 amp female cord cap . I never measured it , because , I had paid for the window shaker & I was going to use it . Checking the amperage would not have changed that in any way . Would not have changed...
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    Window AC unit power consumption

    I have a , maybe , 10 year 6,000 BTU window unit that is rated 6 amps ( never measured it ) . I would expect to see some where around that . If it really is less than 1 amp , I agree . That sounds like the fan , only . The compressor should make kind of a rattling / throbbing sound...
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    How to troubleshoot weak A/C?

    As it gets cooler , in the fall , I have always read that some HVAC shops slow dawn and may drop prices some . To compensate & drum up business ( and cash flow ) . I have been told , in our area , they HVAC shops do not have anywhere as much business in the heating season , as they do in...
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    How to handle a home repair going over estimate?

    If our people go over on labor hours , we usually have to eat it .. Whether I messed up or they messed up . A very few customers will approve a change order , IF conditions ended up being beyond our control , hidden or outside the plans , specs , scope of work . Wyr God bless
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    How to handle a home repair going over estimate?

    Looks like you need a carpenter . Wyr God bless
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    Worn Out Deck Suggestions

    I am not a painter or a carpenter , but I agree , Art least a 2000 psi pressure washer . Home Depot , and probably others , rent them . Figure out what that will cost you . Then figure out what it would cost you to purchase one . Some rental places will sell their rental models ...
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    Ground floor Ceiling duct to 2nd floor baseboard

    What is preventing you from running a separate duct to the 2nd floor ? Might be simpler to install another HVAC unit or mini split upstairs ? I like ductless mini splits . Wyr God bless
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    How to handle a home repair going over estimate?

    Do you consider it legit ? If so , pay it and get a written , hard bid next time . If not legit , pay him / her off and send him / her on their way . Especially if painting is all that is left to do . Yes , paint it yourself . Or go find a painter to do that part . Wyr God bless
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    How to handle a home repair going over estimate?

    Yep . But it may be a little late now . Wyr God bless
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    Need pro advice for a tricky one!!

    Absolutely . In addition to the insulation , check , repair , replace , install vapor barrier . And if / when you see the sweating , cut the humidifier off . Wyr God bless
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    Karen in Richmond, Texas

    Shout out to a fellow Texan ! :-) Wyr God bless
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    Need pro advice on a backup sump pump

    If I installed a generator , it would power more than the pump & HVAC . Makes me glad we do not have a basement . That & my old knees are not happy with stairs . Wyr God bless
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    Karen in Richmond, Texas

    Google ? Wyr God bless
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    Solar Hot Water [SHW], maybe?

    Just reminds me of how grateful I am we have natural gas ! :-) I have never seen how wind or solar would ever pay off for us . Wyr God bless
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    How many folks use the energy saving bulbs?

    Some incandescents are slightly more efficient ( I think ) than others . But I do not consider any incandescent lamp efficient . However , a heat lamp in a bathroom is not suppose to be energy efficient . Wyr God bless
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    Boiler/ forced air system?

    1 Condenser for 1 AHU . A split system can easily be 50' between units ( condenser & AHU ) . Wyr God bless
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    How many folks use the energy saving bulbs?

    The local Dollar Tree store sells screw in LED's for $ 1 each , any day of the year . When I get low , I usually buy 5 - 10 of them . Wyr God bless
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