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  1. thebuilder20

    Health concerns with rabbit, rats and squirrels in backyard?

    For rats, I know leptospirosis can be an issue, usually transmitted through their urine. For wild rabbits, accidental bites could be a concern.
  2. thebuilder20

    cleaning around fridge and oven

    I clean mine twice a year. The last time I also found plenty of debris. No coins though. Have to say, not my favourite task.
  3. thebuilder20

    Affordable Home Decor Items

    I used to buy all sorts of souvenirs when travelling as well and have recently unearthed some I forgot about by decluttering. There are old postcards here as well which I plan to turn into some sort of mosaic.
  4. thebuilder20

    What did you do today?

    Erring on the side of caution considering the global situation we're in right now, so finding ways to entertain myself at home, not that that's a hard thing to do as I have made a home I would want to live in anyway. I started a book by Umberto Eco, familiarised myself with ozone generators...
  5. thebuilder20

    I wish home improvement websites let me...

    I've only seen separate sites that do the computations before, but those are estimates. Seems like the checking out to cart is a better option.
  6. thebuilder20

    Tub cleaning last resort

    Might be time for me to clean the tub as well... I did have bleach and melamine sponges which didn't do much. Borrowing the tip on this thread!
  7. thebuilder20

    What comes first? Appliances or Cabinets?

    Cabinets first as you already assumed. Also, helpful tip to have them work without the appliances to avoid damaging them in any way... learned that after the fact.
  8. thebuilder20

    Affordable Home Decor Items

    ^ Certainly my cup of tea. That looks great. Found something for those who like to smoke and be high - cannabis-related decor. It does not have to be photos of the marijuana leaf, which seems like it would belong to a stoner kid's room some years ago. There are vintage-looking propaganda...
  9. thebuilder20

    Just something to ponder...

    Like the addition of the Chinese ministers to make simple math more mystical.
  10. thebuilder20

    Bug Foggers

    I find more specialized products instead of general bug foggers. They do the job, but have to be applied every now and then.
  11. thebuilder20


    Use diatomaceous earth. Lets the pests slowly disintegrate when they come in contact with them.
  12. thebuilder20

    filing holes in wall

    Right on going to the store for concrete patching material, but what is best to use will depend on how wide the crack is. However, before you do just that, you need to check if there are any underlying issues causing the cracks. If there is none, you can follow the steps detailed on later part...
  13. thebuilder20

    Cleaning the roof

    A combination of water, bleach and trisodium phosphate. Other heavy-duty cleaners can also substitute the last one, but make sure they do not have ammonia.
  14. thebuilder20

    Affordable Home Decor Items

    I used to be all about affordable decorations until I got a bit of the creativity bug and decided to repurpose old things we have that are hard to dispose, like an old refrigerator now turned into a cabinet of sorts.
  15. thebuilder20

    Suggestions for mattress

    I haven't bought any memory foam mattresses for younger ones, but a quick search shows there are some made to accommodate them. It would be fine for your teen, but not sure for your younger child.
  16. thebuilder20

    What did you do today?

    @zannej, that wasn't how I expected it to turn out! I would have probably done the same as your mate's fiancee, wouldn't be the one to initiate it but would certainly do something if I was attacked. She doesn't deserve all the stress, especially since you said that she has heart problems on top...
  17. thebuilder20

    What did you do today?

    How did I miss this? Thanks for such a detailed reply, zannej, and I apologise for the delayed response. My nephew did end up with a desktop. The capability to upgrade did matter in the end--you're right that laptops are pretty limited in that aspect. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Nothing...
  18. thebuilder20

    How to sand down concrete?!?

    Concrete grinder with a strong vacuum.
  19. thebuilder20

    Abstract Wood Block Sculptures

    I don't what that is called either but it does remind me of kintsukuroi, a Japanese technique of using powdered gold to connect broken pottery.
  20. thebuilder20

    Damn ANTS!! Nothing works!

    Do love the smell of lemon. Vinegar and water also works, but perhaps not smelling as good.
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