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    Crawlspace moisture/mold/mushrooms/leak from above?

    Also, how rock-less does the soil need to be to put down plastic? In some spots there are just to many stones, but I've removed probably 80% of them.
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    Crawlspace moisture/mold/mushrooms/leak from above?

    Most of my crawlspace looks like this: dry rocky dirt. I removed all the large rocks. But there is moisture around the whole perimeter--dark moist soil, but not too bad. Under the 1/2 bathroom there is this white mold, but no obvious source of moisture. It actually seems dry there; I think...
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    Replace whole unit or nah?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread after the introduction thread. This is my first home that I'm looking to turn into a rental property so I can make a few bucks to supplement my income. On one hand I don't want to get the nicest available because I won't be paying the bill; on the other hand I...
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    Introducing sneezeblood

    Hi all, I'm happy to have this forum as a resource and am grateful for any advice or wisdom I might receive. I'm an elementary school teacher trying to transition to a more nomadic lifestyle. It's my hope to eventually work part time and supplement my income through rental properties. I...
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