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    Questions on Doug Fir for a patio

    Hi Folks, I have an aging pergola patio cover that has a significant amount of rot and I am in the process of pricing out the lumber. I have been told that I currently have doug fir. Hopefully with the link to my pics below someone could help me confirm that! Moving forward I am stuck...
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    How can I fix this?

    I had sheet rock installed in my garage and now a few months later I decided to install the trim pieces for all the outlets and switches. To my disbelief this is what I found! Is there a painless work around here? Spacers? Thanks in advance!
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    Should I block suicide and gable vents in garage?

    I am in the middle of insulating/air sealing and my garage including drywall as well. The attic space will have it's own O'hagin intake vents and a solar fan for exhaust. Climate = sunny and dry (LA), yet will remain an unconditioned space. Utilities = Two gas appliances (water heater and...
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    Garage insulation and polyiso boards?

    Hey guys, I'm about to insulate and drywall my garage and paying close attention to my east-facing wall because the sun is so against here in SoCal. Currently the original tar paper is broken up or missing in several spots. My guy said the right way to do this is to remove the wood siding on...