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    Previous owner pumping INTO old well?

    So I live in town. Just bought our house and still adventuring around. Recently I found the old well under some steps in the basement. I thought it was a drain till I shined a light down it a realized I was extremely deep. If noticed on the floor there are rub marks from what looks like a hose...
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    One room at a time to help afford costs?

    So my whole home needs light fixtures in every room. The outlets have been updated already and I'm wondering if it would be smart to just do it one room at a time. I would pull all the plaster down myself, have an electrition run the wires then hang drywall and paint myself. The wife don't want...
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    Previous owner a nut job?

    So I'm in the process of buying a house. It's three stories on three lots and got a great deal. Threw the home inspection and walk threws, we noticed there were no lights in any of the rooms. Long story short, the fixtures are patches over the switches are there but dead because the wiring from...
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    New member, new house, lots of questions

    Hello, I'm Rob. I just bought a "new" house and altho I am very handy and have many skills, this is a historic home and there is alot to do and I want to do it right. We will be closing on the house on or before 11/17/17 so as of now I have limited access to the interior but as soon as I do, I...