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    Wallpaper Liner - Share your experiences

    Hi, Okay I think this is the best solution to the wood paneling on all the 1st floor walls. I'd love to know what any of you have experienced with this kind of "bridging material". As the ground floor walls in this house are 8'4" tall I'm thinking that the right thing to do is buy the...
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    What to do about this wood paneling?

    Hi, Just bought this 1919 home and I've got some issues to deal with I can tell you. I guess you could call this a fixer-upper. Damn, I didn't think I was gonna do that again. Okay so here's a link to some pic's (I'm new so you'll have to cut and paste)...
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    Hi from my new Ford Historic Home

    Hi everybody... Nice to see you all (so to speak). Not new to newsgroups/discussion forums and I've read your 10 commandments. That's a nice sticky to have by the way... Right so I made the plunge in a big way!!!! I bought a 1919 home in a (sort of) historic neighborhood. I say, sort...