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    AC Evaporator Coil Question

    Hello there everyone! I am an avid DIYer, and while I am able to do most things, there is something that is baffling me that I cannot seem to figure out. I have been looking at installing a central air unit ontop of my furnace, that was replaced brand new about 7 years ago (just before I moved...
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    Double wide door finishing

    My parents just got a double wide set and opted out of the rest of the finish work as there was only a bit and we wanted to tackle it ourselves. The drywall we knocked out easy as pie. What's left is trimming out the two doors at the marriage line. They are deeper than normal, and came with...
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    Shed on Concrete Driveway

    Hello there. I am getting ready to plan for redoing my driveway, as it's in desperate need of repour. I am wanting to draw out the plans for the layout, but had a couple of questions. My driveway is about 6 feet wide, and about 75 feet long to the front sidewalk. I want my driveway to extend...
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    Cabinet Installation

    I am remodeling my kitchen, and with it is new cabinets. I am able to install the uppers easily because there is a corner cabinet and a row on both sides that will make the width the same, however the lowers is another story. I have a Lazy Susan that isnt 24" deep on either side, and also...
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    Tying into existing ductwork

    Hello guys, some assistance please. In a previous thread I stated that I was redoing my kitchen. One of the things I am doing, is relocating my heat duct in the room. It was originally one of the older grate style in wall/floor grate systems, but I am replacing it with newer duct work. I was...
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    Ethernet hookup in kitchen

    I do web development and webhosting, and I am setting up a small datacenter in my basement. I have already built the framework for it, and now I am running the cabling. While I am at it, I plan to run cable from every room in my house into the datacenter, to give my entire house ethernet access...
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    Replacing old vent stack.. need help.

    Hey guys. I have an older house, one that has an old cast iron vent stack.. I am remodelling my kitchen, and the vent comes up directly into the middle of my kitchen. They boxed it in originally, but I want to open the wall up, so to do that, I need to relocate my vent stack. I have attached...