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    Im comfused

    Dal-Tile carries Stone Tech Enhancer/Sealer and one made by Aqua Mix. I just used the Aqua Mix on a deck I tiled over the weekend.
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    tile to glass block window transition

    Def need pics for that one
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    Tiling a Bathtub/Shower Surround

    One time I had a tile fall down. I thought, "hmm strange, it has plenty of coverage" then I put it back. It fell yet again and I put it back again. Finally it falls and nearly hits me and when I look up to the empty spot I notice a small ray of light shining through the thinset lines. It was...
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    Tiling a Bathtub/Shower Surround

    youll do fine :) The floor looks awsome btw want a job?
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    In case you were feeling sorry for yourself...

    The wood round the tile looks sweet, thx for the pics. Nice job! and yes... 12x24s can suck lol
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    grout lines in shower

    Sanded is perfectly fine on walls. What this person told you holds true only if the grout likes are tiny ( smaller than an 1/8 ).
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    Sealing shower walls

    Enhancer is just that unless it specifies its a sealer also. Bring that back and get a stone enhancer / sealer and make sure it says "matt Finish" to avoid the shine, also make sure it will last more then a year so you done have to do it annualy. These questions would probably be answered...
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    Tiling a Shower Shelf/Cubby

    I found this picture by searching google. Ill post a pic of the one I just finished monday night so you can see it in the niche :)
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    Tiling a Shower Shelf/Cubby

    I try to keep the tile over lapped so water always runs over the edge, grout lines in a box scare me a bit so the less the better (btw...thats a bullnose, its finished). I found a nice blade for the wet saw that finishes the edges the same as a bullnose for only $140 ! Thats a nice look also...
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    Tiling a Shower Shelf/Cubby

    I did another one today with a hatband liner running through the box, I have to get pics of that one next week.
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    grout lines in shower

    Its all a matter of what you want really. I use 1/8 inch lines on everything I do and yes sanded is fine for 1/8 and larger :)
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    cork or bamboo in basement?

    I worked with a company that installed cork flooring. They glued down luan then corked over it, the application I watched was cork tile. Nice looking stuff and doesnt get cold! It always stays room temp :)
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    Tile over brick?

    You can tile on brick but you need to skim coat it with thinset first ( like you would drywall ) then key it in with at least a 1/4 x 1/4 trowel. Use VersaBond Flex thinset, you can get it at Home Depot :)
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    Thinset for Backsplash

    Either or is fine when it comes to a backsplash. I like to use a high grade mastic so I dont have to worry about spacers or it drying to fast. Have fun with it ! Backsplashes are IMO fun to do.
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    shower seat

    Normally the seat is made first and wrapped with the same liner as the pan itself. Take a look around the web ( maybe the John Bridge site ) and take a look at how a cement seat is made. Its fairly simple and only requires a few cinderblocks , mortar, and waterproofing :)
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    shower pan

    I wish I could help you but without seeing it in person its almost impossible. Post a pic maybe thatll help.
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    shower cady

    Yes it is! I can help anyone design any room but when it came to my own house... I hated it
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    shower cady

    I forgot to bring my camera to work today :( sorry about that hehe how did you make out with tiling everything?
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    shower cady

    Its as easy as putting two pcs. of 2x4 across from stud to stud for the top and bottom of the box. Durock it tight and make sure the bottom shelf is pitched towards the shower. Tape and thinset ALL of the corners and seams and then RedGuard it. Dont be stingy with the RedGuard, use a paint...
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    Mortar for Porcelain tile on hardi backerboard

    Versa Bond products sold at Home Depot are in my opinion the best quality. Spend the extra $2 and get the white thinset, its not as "dirty" as the grey. :) Good luck