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  1. J

    Painting vs Staining Stair Treads

    I am looking for input on staining vs. painting stair treads. We recently pulled off the carpet on our stairs. We are debating whether to paint our treads or strain them, i think we should stain and polyurethane (water based). Treads are southern yellow pine. I would paint risers white. If...
  2. J

    Unknown kitchen drawer hardware

    I'm currently replacing my drawer fronts with new ones, and I'm using the same type of hardware to install the fake fronts in front of the sink. Try Sears hardware, I find they always have what you need.
  3. J

    cheap way to "finish" wall in garage

    I too vote for sheetrock. It is inexpensive and easy to install. You should also think about a vapor barrier.
  4. J

    Alternative to Cabinet Refacing: Can this be done?

    You can buy some veneers with adhesive already applied, you place the veneer on the edge and heat it to get it to stick.
  5. J

    Site Plans for addition; Am i getting ripped off?

    The company that is providing the topographic survey does not have to do the boundary survey; however, they are probably trying to protect their company from a lawsuit if something is wrong. As long as the property is marked by valid physical property markers that they can confirm are valid...
  6. J

    Engineered wood floor over subfloor with clips

    thanks glenn, you posted some good ideas. Jay
  7. J

    Engineered wood floor over subfloor with clips

    I am currently replacing a carpeted floor with an engineered wood flooring system. The engineered floor planks are 3" wide and need to be glued or nailed, I am considering gluing them down. However, there are plywood clips that protrude into the floor profile. How should I handle the clips...