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    Fire code regarding grills on patios

    Bylaws, local ordinance, HOA rule, leasing agreement, etc...., it's just not a good idea.
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    speed vs. quality

    Actually, I think you time estimates are too low. Prep is 90% of the job and I don't see that here. Proper preparation and proven, quality materials may prevent multiple coats. Painting contractors in my area will send out a team to knock it out in a day with passable results. These guys are...
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    Kitchen LED-strip Installation

    No worries, I discovered that the Home button on a Roku remote will turn on the LED lights.:oops:
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    Solar power to shed -- looking for solar kit recommendations

    Don't overthink it!! A battery powered lamp for light and a solar powered ventilator for the roof. DONE!
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    Kitchen LED-strip Installation

    The style I installed, the 110V/12DC transformer plugs into a wall outlet. They provide a remote control to turn them on/off from anywhere in the kitchen. They strobe, blink, fade, multi-color, dim, etc..... Is this an option for you? You'll just abandon the light switches.
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    Start up wattage

    check the nameplate on the blower motor. Find the FLA or LRA ratings
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    Bard WA121 wiring transfromer

    Got a pic of the unit, circuit board or schematics?
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    Replace Interior Door - Hinges How to?

    These were done with a router. You might consider mortise-less hinges if the task seems too daunting.
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    Adding fire-resistance for steel wood burning fireplace

    I'd definitely line it with something. If your like me, I'm going to stoke that until it's cherry red. If you could only get your hands on some asbestos/cement board siding panels.
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    Single door garage door opener

    These are control/signal wires and are Low Voltage wires that won't kill you. It doesn't matter which wire goes where on the push button as all the push button does is make momentary contact between the two wires to initiate an open or close cycle on the operator.
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    Knob & Tube question

    I can see the temptation to pull new wires but, an Electrician may have reservations about using your runs versus running his own to make sure everything is Ok. Maybe run some fish strings from box to fixture so he can use those and might give you a break on the price. Oh, almost forgot, let us...
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    Knob & Tube question

    "end of line" really doesn't change anything. You don't want to mix the hot and neutral on a fixture. 90% of my electrical work has to be done hot so I take precautionary measures at all times but, you typical homeowner won't bother with that when simply changing a lightbulb. Chances are you...
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    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    I have the same problem but, realize I'm not going to win the fight against a 1 ton slab of concrete. The solution that has worked for me for years is to pour fine, screened, clean, dry play sand into the opening. The first time I did it, it swallowed up and entire 40lb bag of sand. Wasn't...
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    Replace smoke detectors - same model or something new?

    Not even sure if there is a question here. Absolutely, definitely replace them with the latest and greatest. They will come with new mounting hardware and connectors. Chances of finding the identical item from 13yrs. ago seems pretty slim.
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    Glass cooktop wiring

    red to red, black to black, or red to black, doesn't matter. green to white, copper to box. should be connect to a double pole 30A breaker (which I believe your have) not (2) 30A breakers.
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    Ice Maker

    No. You'll have to use quick connect push lock fittings (Quest?) or barbed fittings to install a Tee after cutting the line.
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    Remove curls from garden hose

    Sun or run some hot water through it while pulling it straight (drain your water heater at the same time), I'm still using an old tire cord hose from the 80's. I think it's about to blow cause I can feel it plump up when I turn the water on with the sprayer closed. I ground loop mine in about...
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    Lennox G40uh Furnace dies sometimes

    The board itself should have the information to track down a replacement.
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    Please help! Big decision!

    Gotta ask yourself why the owner hasn't addressed this (too expensive)? Get an inspection with emphasis on this or get professional opinion on just this. Personally, I'd walk away and keep looking.
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    Heil system will not turn on after re wire of ac outside

    how did you check your fuses? This will require some knowledge of the working of an HVAC system. Start tracing voltage through the system to see where it is stopping. Check you line power, in/out on transformer, etc.... Just off the surface, it sounds like it could be a smoked thermostat. Never...