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    How clean must the concrete slab be

    Tore out some flooring in a half bath downstairs. Im steadily scraping off the glue etc to get down to the concrete. Was just wondering how much do I need to get off?..Its patchy looking, not sure if I'm over doing it by getting every dime sized piece of glue off or what.
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    IS there a Fluidmaster fill valve that helps with sediment from well water?

    hello, I have to keep cleaning out the filter on the Fluidmasters flush valves because of the sediment, sand and little pebbles from the well water. Not sure of they make different filters for this so they wont clog or just a different flush valve for just this purpose. Really couldn't find...
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    Kitchen sink drain SLOOOOOWLY unless....

    I snaked out a slow draining kitchen sink to the best of my ability. Didn't appear to be much obstruction. As I ran the faucet full blast it almost started backing up immediately. If I turn on the garbage disposal it will then drain pretty fast. There is also a dishwasher. When it runs it also...
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    Water stained drywall

    My tenant claims he tried spraying "Killz" primer before painting the ceiling to cover up the water stain from a leak from the upstairs shower. I went over for other repairs and saw that the stain was still there. I was just wondering for all you experts here if you think this section of...
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    Tuck pointing questions

    gentlemen, Tomorrow I'm gonna grind out about a 5/8" depth of mortar around the whole furnace chimney, so I can have the same color mortar all around......Since this is my first chimney mortar repair I have been on youtube trying to educate myself.....I bought a grout bag as it looks like it is...
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    Exteror pine window casing and other trim

    Anyone know what to use on bare pine wood that was place on the exterior of a cabin. Prime/Paint, solid stain, water sealer?
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    Solid stain or exterior paint for primed T-111

    Guys, I have already asked this question;however having a hard time deciding since I am green in this area....I went to Sherwin William and asked their opinion on this primed T-111. The lady recommended a paint by the name of Durations. I took some color samples home. After the decision on the...
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    back to T-111

    Since the T-111 I have is already primed with gray paint, I think I would have to use an exterior paint??? Would staining it be worthless since the primer is on it already? Can you stain over primer? I want to least amount of maintenance for the future
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    after staining my t-111 cabin, I am going to caulk the hell out of the gaps all over this newly constructed cabin. The bugs are horrible already and the weather is only in the 30's. Somehow I have flies all over the place every time I visit. Anyway any thoughts on the best caulk out there. Is it...
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    T-111 stain paint?

    Gentlemen, I just had a cabin constructed with T-111. What would be the best protectant for it and what would be the brands name. Thanks.