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  1. zannej

    What do you call this decorative molding on cabinet fillers?

    I'm trying to find the exact terms to be able to find this type of molding. In the 1st picture, I believe the vertical pieces in the center are rope trim, but I'm not sure what you would call the sword hilt looking pieces. I'm guessing top and bottom are plinth blocks? For 2nd picture looks...
  2. zannej

    Plans to make a couple dining chairs

    So, this is something that will be on the back burner on my to-do list since I have many other things to do first, but I like to plan ahead & I've decided that I want to make some chairs for my friend's kitchen (as I can't find anything that matches his color scheme & style that isn't made of...
  3. zannej

    How to add ground wires?

    I've found that while I have 3-prong outlets, I don't think there are ground wires. I also have a situation where I have a dryer with 3 prongs instead of 4. I would like to add a ground wire & am wondering if I can do this without having to run all new wire. So, a few questions: 1. Does a ground...
  4. zannej

    Darkening stain/reducing blue shade

    I'm helping my friend renovate his kitchen and had some experience with painting & staining but hadn't stained anything in over 10 years so I was rusty. I used Minwax with some red shade years ago but my friend wanted to make his cabinet look like gray ash. The picture on the Minwax stain can...
  5. zannej

    True outer/inner diameter of ABS, PVC, & CPVC + trap arm length

    This is a general guide for people who need to know the actual outer and inner diameters of commonly used ABS, PVC, and CPVC pipes. It can be for figuring out the pipe size if there are no visible markings or determining what size hole needs to be drilled or if something can fit somewhere. There...
  6. zannej

    Are the 4-prong 240v outlets GFI/GFCI?

    My friend is moving his washing machine and dryer in to the bathroom (which is adjacent to the existing laundry room) because the floor in the laundry room is unstable and joists need to be replaced (but he can't afford it right now)-- it's also just very inconvenient to get in to it and he...
  7. zannej

    Downtime and slow loading?

    Did the site go down for anyone else about 30 min or so ago? Also, is it being slow for anyone else or is it just me? It takes over 2 minutes to load a page and to post and I'm wondering if it is a problem on my end or if it is a server issue.
  8. zannej

    Did the format change?

    I'm not seeing the options at the top to view My Replies and My Posts and such. I'm also not seeing the Like button anymore. Is it just my computer or did the format change?
  9. zannej

    Replacement power cord for Emerson electric skillet

    My friend's grandmother said this skillet belonged to her father and the cord to it has been lost. She's trying to find a replacement. I can't figure out what model it is despite finding a number on the bottom. Anyone have any ideas of what model this is or where to find the cord? Or is she s.o.l.?
  10. zannej

    Replacing exterior doors with rotted sills

    I've mentioned this before in other threads, but I need some help with installing a replacement exterior door. The house is wood with vinyl siding put on years after the door was installed so I don't know the situation with any flashing or house wrap (although I vaguely recall that when the new...
  11. zannej

    2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL

    Since my brother gave up on his hunk of junk chevy that kept having problems, he ended up replacing it with a 2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL with navigation. It's nimbus grey metallic color and has many of the same features as the 2013 RTL we got last year. The front grille is a bit different but the...
  12. zannej

    Anyone tried Wago lever nut connections?

    I was browsing through youtube and came upon a video showing how to make a vent/light have separate switches for the fan and light and the guy used these Wago lever nuts (not the push-connect type). I completely suck at twisting wires together, so I'm wondering if these are any good. Supposedly...
  13. zannej

    Glass Block Window for shower/exterior wall

    I know that having a window in a shower is not the best of ideas-- but I've found some direct-to-stud surround kits that are designed to allow windows (& have coordinating trim kits). And mother dearest is adamant that we not lose that window or cover it up but she is ok with putting a...
  14. zannej

    Raising the ceiling in an old house?

    Some of you have probably read some of my posts where I mention my friend who had his house burn in a fire. A lot of the drywall was destroyed and he's pretty much gutting the insides and taking out anything that isn't load-bearing. The ceiling burned up pretty badly too so he is considering...
  15. zannej

    Automatic Gate Openers ?

    So, this is my front gate from the outside: Well, part of it. I think it is 12 to 16ft and is hollow tube style. It seems fairly heavy, but I think it is under 200lbs. Currently it is a pain to open and close (the anchor post needs to be replaced). The current locking mechanism is a chain...
  16. zannej

    Odd question about painting house exterior

    Ok, this question was sparked when I read a question on Yahooanswers or something where someone was asking about an odd situation & it got me wondering about the rules for house painters and what sort of info they need to have before they can paint the exterior of someone's home. The general...
  17. zannej

    Best friend's house burned on Easter

    I'll give the abridged version here. My best friend who keeps having bad luck and was nearly killed in a car accident last April was just getting back on his feet when there was a house fire. Because the house was still not repaired from an oak tree falling on it and nearly destroying it, there...
  18. zannej

    2013 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD

    We just bought a 2013 Honda CR-V EX-L with AWD, backup camera (standard), door side molding, front bug guard, moon roof shield, and rear spoiler. We had to leave the house around 6:15am to head out for Humble, TX. Came prepared with snacks and water. We managed to hit gas stations that were...
  19. zannej

    '95 Chevy C1500 Silverado

    So, my brother (against my advice) bought a 1995 Chevy C1500 Silverado extended cab with 2WD. It wasn't even able to be driven when he bought it, but he was adamant that he had to get it. It had some stupid lift kit, the rear driveshaft had fallen off, and the U-bolts were broken. It also had a...
  20. zannej

    My Honda Ridgeline pickup truck

    Until a couple of years ago, I wasn't even aware that Honda made pickup trucks. They only make one and it is called the Ridgeline. Basically it is the body of a Honda Pilot with the top of the back chopped off. Since it is one solid piece, it handles better than most trucks. It has pretty...