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  1. Burgy

    Trickle of water from tank into bowl

    I had the same problem. For peace of mind, I installed a new fill valve as the float on the old one was sticking. When I flushed, the float valve did not drop for about 5 seconds. The flush valve, cannister style with a Kohler toilet, had a bad seal I later found out. I could hear water...
  2. Burgy

    What is this light frost on my new sliding door?!

    I am no expert and hope to hear from those that might be as we are looking to remodel and add sliding doors in the new addition. From what I read, the weep holes (slots) should only be on the exterior of the door base or track. Condensation build up or just plain rain will drain out the weep...
  3. Burgy

    any kitchen faucet brands to avoid?

    Stay with the name brands as mentioned earlier....that is why they are "name" brands. I have a Delta that has worked flawlessy for years. It has the pull out feature that is attached via magnet. So it grabs itself when it rests in the base. My brother has a similar model that is slightly...
  4. Burgy

    Change shop light to LED bulbs

    No worries. I think they are the internal driver type. The driver burned out and when they do in those type of tubes, they look black. If you ever run into more problems, take a look at an external driver type. You pay a little bit more but you won't have any issues. Titan LED Company LED...
  5. Burgy

    How can I seal up this garage more?!

    If you have someone locally that works with liquid insulation or just insulation call them or even check with your gas company. The gas company here provided the rebate for the energy savings.
  6. Burgy

    How can I seal up this garage more?!

    Here is what I did with my garage two years ago. It is not heated either. I have a bedroom above the garage. The walls of the garage are underground so the cement walls were ice cold. The garage door was sealed just fine. The cold area would cause the bedroom to get very cold, thus the...
  7. Burgy

    How many folks use the energy saving bulbs?

    As mentioned earlier, LED light bulbs or LED lighting in general is manufactured in varying light colors (warm to cool; natural light or day white). If you like the day white (nice bright white) you would want a higher kelvin rating (kelvin rating is on the box and/or bulb) such as 5000K. As a...
  8. Burgy

    Change shop light to LED bulbs

    Do your LED tubes contain an internal driver or does the fixture utilize an external driver? Internal driver LED tubes are a lower end but can get the job done. They are prone to failure as the driver produces heat which eventually effects the LED's (diodes). They are prone to heat just like...
  9. Burgy

    Change shop light to LED bulbs

    That is great. If you are ever in need of 4' LED tubes, check out Titan LED Company. Lights are manufactured in Arizona. 155,000 rated hours. 12 year warranty. Nothing better.
  10. Burgy

    Change shop light to LED bulbs

    Replying to this old post. A fluorescent tube fixture can be converted or retrofitted to accept LED tubes. The existing tombstone holders in the fixture are then merely used to hold the LED tube. Current does not flow through the tombstones with LED tubes. The existing fluorescent ballast...
  11. Burgy

    Problems with Florescent Shop/Garage Lights - Convert to LED

    First of all, in my years of experience with LED lighting, I would not recommend ever using an existing ballast designed for fluorescent to be used with LED lighting. LED lighting, quality LED that is, are designed to be used with low, constant current. A typical fluorescent ballast cannot...
  12. Burgy

    GE vintage double wall oven meat thermometer

    Hello. I have a vintage GE double oven. I recently replaced the upper oven wall thermometer receptacle. I was told from an Appliance parts center that the receptacle would work though it is a different style than the original. I had also purchased the appropriate thermometer to work with the...
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