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  1. cheeky

    Wasp nest in electrical panel

    Hi there everybody! We have a little cottage where the power stopped working a few days after we turned it and the water on for some guests. It turns out there was a wasp nest in the electrical panel. (see pic) We cut the power to the conduit coming to the cottage and sprayed Doktor Doom Jet...
  2. cheeky

    Double swing door doesn’t swing to closed position

    Hi there folks! Happy New Year! I recently moved to a new place and am slowly discovering it’s delights and peculiarities. This house has a pair of butler doors (swing both ways) that have Bommer 7802 Light Duty Horizontal Spring Pivot hinges. They don’t have adjustable springs and they do have...
  3. cheeky

    crack in lintel/brick discolouration

    Hi there Everybody I'm hoping to paint the lintels on my brick house this summer. In the pic attached you can see two things: 1. There is a crack in one. What is the best way to repair it? 2. There is grey discolouration under the lintel. What's the best way to clean this up? Any advice...
  4. cheeky

    leaking shower pan?

    Hi there My shower is leaking. I suspect it one of two problems (or two of two problems). The caulking around the pan, where the tile butts up against it, had some pretty old, wide and gnarly caulking. I ripped it off and then couldn't figure out how to reapply. I tried a couple of things but...
  5. cheeky

    brick in basement window

    Hi there everybody! I've spent some time getting tips through other people's posts and now it's time for me to ask a question of my own. I bought my first house this past Aug. I've got a permit to renovate the basement into an apartment. The biggest part of the job is the kitchen. I...