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    Metal straps on stud wall

    I have these metal straps running along the studs in my unfinished basement that look like they were be used instead of the short pieces between the studs. I'm catching up on the proper terminology.:D I was wondering if these are a 'cheap-out' or if they are acceptable. Also, should they be...
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    Exposed insulation, Is it safe?

    Wow, two posts with in the first 30min of being a member....SWEET! I have an unfinished basement with exposed insul. Is it safe for my kids to be down there? They dont mess with the insul. but we (wife and I) were thinking of cleaning up a little bit and letting them play and draw down...
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    Determining a load bearing wall

    Is there a way to determine if a wall is load bearing with out calling in the experts first? Thanks, first timer...