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  1. stephanie20


    Jeff, you're right. I kept a large TV empty box on my storage shelf. They made a huge gathering in that cartoon. When I find that out, I sorted every one of those ***** firing the whole box to the dust :woo hoo:. I felt peace after that.
  2. stephanie20

    Is this termite poop?

    That looks like a termite poop mate. It's better you call pest control expert to get rid of the termite nest.
  3. stephanie20

    Damn ANTS!! Nothing works!

    These ants jerks are stubborn. They will stick to a place until they keep finding the food source for their storage. I keep my house inside neat and clean to avoid the ant attack. I also use a chalk powder that helps ants, cockroaches away.
  4. stephanie20


    These bugs are huge pain in the ***. In my home, I see it as well. I kill it straight away with anything I find near my hand. Sometime I use insect killer spray to kill this bug.
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