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    The dirt on soap scum

    Great post, Nestor, thanks for the info! I never thought of that before.
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    Can this floor be salvaged?

    What's a good product to use for filling in deep cracks on wooden flooring? My parents' house has floors like the one in the pic and there are kinda big gouges in some parts.
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    Drink glass leaves a ring on a wood coffee table

    Interesting solution! I've never tried this hair dryer thingy; I've always just used orange oil (the kind especially formulated for furniture) and it works. I'll try this next time :)
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    Shower grout sealing?

    Thanks for the link to the sealer on Amazon! I'm going to have to regrout and seal the tiles in my new bathroom too; the guy who built it didn't seal the grout and now it's coming off.
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    Tape Measures

    I love my Stanley tape measures, got several of 'em. They used to have a really small one (about 1 1/2in diameter) that you could attach to your keychain. I had one of those but somebody I liked asked for it and then I couldn't find it anymore. Does anybody know if that's still available anywhere?
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    I use baking soda to clean just about everything.

    Oops, I forgot to say that the paste works best with aluminum foil. Use the shiny side of the foil to for scrubbing.
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    I use baking soda to clean just about everything.

    Try this: make a paste of baking soda and white vinegar. Works wonders on pans and grease stains on the range.
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    need replacement garbage disposal

    I'm also a fan of Insinkerator and have never had any issues. I haven't heard anything bad about Kenmore or Kitchenaid models and they seem to be usually highly rated by Consumer Reports. I can't offer any advice on any specific models though.
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    Tiger Woods vs. a real slow news day

    I can barely stand to watch the news anymore because of stuff like this. I might as well be on the computer reading celebrity gossip, because it'll be pretty much the same thing.
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    Bags of Water?

    It is their eyesight. According to this webpage:
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    Ply wood for wall and celines?

    Plywood is fine as long it is protected against termites and are insulated.
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    Adding slats to skylight to block sun rays

    It's actually a great idea to make use of slats to keep most of the sun rays from coming in but still using the natural light to brighten up the room. There are also other alternatives if you can afford it like the Velux blinds or tubular skylights. :beer: