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  1. craig.talerico

    Garagr floor drain

    Call out a company with a camera and you should be able to tell where it goes.
  2. craig.talerico

    Which of these is main water shutoff...?

    You clearly dont know any plumbers to make a statement they make as much as a surgeon. I on the other hand know a plumber, he is typing this message. He said he can guarantee he makes far less than any surgeon in this country. Maybe there is a mouse or hamster surgeon out there that may make...
  3. craig.talerico

    Thankful to Dewalt

    Have always been a fan of Dewalt and that they still build in the USA
  4. craig.talerico

    Which of these is main water shutoff...?

    Where is your water meter
  5. craig.talerico

    Foundation Issues

    I would consider something tied into the footer as permanent. I suppose the i beam route could be permanent, but it isnt my field so just having a guess. I would assume your climate location comes into account on what the permanent fix would be. Good luck
  6. craig.talerico

    Foundation Issues

    Get them stabilized with I beams. That will work until a permanent fix can be completed. You put 4 or 5 pieces of steel from floor to ceiling anchored at both spots tight against the wall. I have also seen horizontal supports between the verticals for extra holding power.
  7. craig.talerico

    Connecting standard PVC to Sewer PVC

    Is one of the lines schedule 30 pvc.
  8. craig.talerico

    Help design laundry drain stack

    AAV needs to be above the top of the stand pipe. I am not sure what code your on but the AAV needs to go up for sure