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  1. bud16415

    Snow fencing

    I know it is off topic but this boarder fence is a bit like the southern boarder fence. Ether you do it all or don’t do it at all because people and dogs will find the end and go around. IMO having owned dogs my whole life there are two types of dogs or there should be two types of dogs...
  2. bud16415

    Well point clogged?

    There is always the dry ice method. :rolleyes:
  3. bud16415

    Well point clogged?

    When we built my nephews house there were two wells on the property old home burned down. A modern well 6” casing and 80’ deep and an old dug well about 12’ deep with a dead critter floating in it. We cleaned out the critter and picked the modern well to supply the house. It worked ok for a...
  4. bud16415

    Snow fencing

    I wouldn’t worry about the dog if you really don’t want him down there it is better to teach him his zone. Or the easier way with invisible fence and a shock collar. The bigger problem you may have is in what snow fence is designed to do. It is used to intentionally cause a drift where you want...
  5. bud16415

    Moisture control with rubble foundation

    I took a closer look at the photo and can see that looks like a form board sticking up. So that’s good when the time comes it looks like you can finish the floor. People were shorter back in the day and digging by hand and horse was hard work not to mention setting those stones. Quite often they...
  6. bud16415

    Moisture control with rubble foundation

    Welcome to the forum. It looks like they dug down a little on the side they put the concrete down on and left a curb up to the dirt. I would think about doing the same thing on the other side if budget allows. I am no expert but I’m guessing most of the moisture is coming from the dirt...
  7. bud16415

    Well point clogged?

    Assuming everything after the well is working properly it sounds like you are getting water steady just not in the volume you require. Given you are not allowed to work on the well and establish more flow about the only thing you can do is put in some storage. Add a tank that can fill slowly...
  8. bud16415


    This is the time of year for them to find their way in. I don't think you have a big problem and if you did I think you would know. Just keep after them and keep the house sealed up to keep them out. They are looking for food, water, warmth and a way to get in. Traps set with peanut butter I...
  9. bud16415

    Replacing some pieces of lap siding

    Welcome to the forum. It looks like what you have is Masonite siding and also sheet Masonite behind it. This stuff was used a lot back in the 80’s. It held up ok higher on the walls but lots of time water got to it low and broke it down like you are seeing. You can patch it as you go like...
  10. bud16415

    Garagr floor drain

    Just like any agricultural operation wastewater comes with lots of restrictions and regulations. What does your industry say about proper wastewater management? I’m fairly sure they don’t want you dumping it on the surface or down a drain that has an unknown destination. I know if dairy...
  11. bud16415


    Ask away! and :welcome: to the forum!
  12. bud16415

    Can I mix 12 and 14 gauge wire in a junction box?

    In almost all trades region to region I find people use slightly different terminology, sometimes brand names become a generic name etc. The information is correct given above in this thread. I guess I’m getting old because I have a couple rolls of white 12-2/G & 12-3/G out in the workshop and...
  13. bud16415

    Working backwards with LVP

    I like this method of attaching a whole row and with a helper put it all in backwards at once. The first time I used laminate I did 4 rooms about 600 sq ft and it was back in the day before it snapped together and it was just T&G and needed all seams glued. Two of the rooms I had to go...
  14. bud16415

    Solar power to shed -- looking for solar kit recommendations

    With LED battery powered lights I would forget solar and hang a battery lantern from the rafters for when I wanted a little light. You can buy batteries for the rest of your life for what you will spend on solar. Batteries running LED lights last a long time. The other advantage of the lantern...
  15. bud16415

    Level glass top on stone mantle

    I would take some string and run it from end to end across the top to find the low spots or high spots. One or two helpers would make it easier. All the support points have to be the same height. If you stick these on you will have to place them where they all work together to make one flat...
  16. bud16415

    speed vs. quality

    You know what you need to make per hour including travel. You know what the materials will cost including expendables. You should also have some fixed cost if this is a real business. When you take it all together you should be able to provide a fixed quote. It is then up to the homeowner to...
  17. bud16415

    So, I bought a house....

    Congrats! sounds exciting. :thumb:
  18. bud16415

    Garage Foundation Issue

    looks like a water heater or something above it on that stand and the drip tube hanging down. Is the water coming out of that tube when you are not looking? There also as mentioned been some repair done to that area. :dunno:
  19. bud16415

    Matching aged color of wood ceiling

    I was just doing some dishes and had an idea. If you find some scrap wood to test on maybe try some tea or coffee on it to darken it slightly. Like you said no stupid ideas when brain storming. :dunno:
  20. bud16415

    Matching aged color of wood ceiling

    My first thought was also water, and I don't know why other than it seemed safe. If you could find some similar wood to play around on doing tests I could see adding a little something to the water and doing a really faint staining over and over until it matched. normal wood stains make a big...