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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.54596400: Water on the bottom of the freezer

    That ice looks to be caused by door gasket leaking air in. Using a dollar bill or piece of paper see how tight the seal is when the door is shut. does the door shut tight or is it too easy to open. The door closing cam could be broken. It causes the door to shut by itself and holds it shut. its...
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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.54596400: Water on the bottom of the freezer

    Is the frost on the coils behind the rear panel inside the freezer and the panel itself. If so that sounds like a defrost system problem. Defrost timer, defrost thermostat of defrost heater. The ice buildup on the coils blocks the air flow to the fridge.
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    Fridge Not Cooling

    If the compressor is running the fan next to is should also be running and the fan in the freezer would also be running. Look from behind the fridge to make sure what the sound you hear is. You may have to remove the cardboard cover to see. If the compressor is running the evaporator coils next...
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    Fridge Not Cooling

    Is any part of it running. light. fan inside freezer or fan underneath next to the compressor. Is the compressor running.
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    How to drill hole to make a/c drain better?

    some are designed like yours because they can be used in situations where the dripping water would cause a problem where it dripped. Yours is supposed to evaporate the water with the fan pulling air across it.
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    Water leaking from front of window a/c.

    The moisture in the air condenses on the coil and will frost up a little and melt off. This is where the water comes from. If its low on freon it keeps building up eventually blocking the coil preventing the air from circulating.. When you first turn it on you can take the filter off and observe...
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    Noisy fridge problem

    It's probably the starter solenoid and if it's external it can be replaced. It's located where the wires go to the compressor.
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    Noisy fridge problem

    You should be able to tell if its the fan by the compressor. Un plug the fan to see if the noise stops when the fan stops. If not , it could be the evaporator fan in the freezer. If ice builds up because a auto defroster isnt working properly the fan blades can hit the ice. this fan is located...
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    Kenmore Elite Side by Side Ice-Maker

    The ice maker shut off arm has to make a switch inside the housing to work the water valve. Something could be loose or you may can slightly bend it to make it work. If you bend it too much it won't turn off when the bin is full.
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    Low water pressure

    if you determine you have low pressure from the supplier and they can't raise it, you can put a shallow well pump in line to boost your pressure. I used one for years until the water system was able to raise my pressure by raising the regulator they had in another area.
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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.54596400: freezer/fridge divider hot to the touch

    The air flow is for this problem is the air flow under the fridge where the evaporator coils are. They get covered with dust and animal hair. Hard to reach but with compressed air or cloth on a stick you can reach it but be gentle so as not to do any damage to wiring and coils. Most units have a...
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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.54596400: freezer/fridge divider hot to the touch

    Normal warmth is created by the automatic energy saver system circulating warm liquid around the front edge of the of the freezer compartment (area between the doors) to help prevent condensation on the outside of the refrigerator, especially in hot, humid weather. This area will always be...
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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.54596400: Water on the bottom of the freezer

    Put air pressure and blow out the tube. The lower end under the unit gets blocked with dust, and hair etc. Could be mildew. After you blow it out, pour water through it to make sure it drains away quickly. Pour some clorox through it to kill any mold etc.
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    Do I need to replace the water inlet valve?

    Swap the water lines on the inlet valve and press water dispenser to see if the water goes into the icemaker. Swap the wires on water inlet valve to see if ice maker calls for water when it dumps the ice you make manual. If it does the water will come out the water dispenser.
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    exhaust fan vertical wall mount

    I have gone to an appliance parts store and bought a replacement motor. Take the old motor out for them to see.
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    Cleaning an Outdoor Glass Table Top

    I have two on my wooden pool deck under a nice shade tree. I tilt both tables on their side when not being used. Quick and easy to set upright. They stay clean as a whistle.
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    Ice on bottom of Icemaker

    Test it. Inspect it.
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    Ice on bottom of Icemaker

    That info about moisture on the walls changes the water leak theory. The defrost thermostat prevents the defrost heater from overheating the freezer during the defrost cycle. It cuts the heater off at a certain temp. If its not working it will start melting ice and items in the freezer until the...
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    Ice on bottom of Icemaker

    I suggest that you have a water leak into your ice bin caused by a leaking water Inlet Valve. If it continues to drip on that ice it will freeze together If it is a defrost problem it would be with the defrost thermostat and not the timer.
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    Condensation from neighbors dryer vent

    If they are not at the same stage of drying there would be a difference in the amount of moisture in the air coming from the dryer.