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    Blinking ceiling can light

    I have can lights installed in my ceilings. One of the can light comes on and then blinks and immediately goes out. I have replaced the bulb with new LED bulb but with same problem. Do you think this is the problem with the fixture or the dimmer switch. The led bulb is dimmable. I don't...
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    Sprinklers - Converting to Rotating Nozzles

    I have some rotating sprinkler heads on some of my Rainbird pop ups and they work fine. I installed them in places that would give me the coverage I needed. It is no trouble just pop the stems up and screw on the rotating nozzles and adjust them. They come with instructions on how to adjust...
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    Residential circuit problems [receptacles/breakers]

    Sounds to me like you need an good electrician to properly check out your system. Could result in a hazard either to your health or fire to your home.
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    Incomplete Encapsulation?

    Since you now know how to do this from the information in this post, call your contractor and tell them that you want the plastic under the unit. You should not have to do it yourself unless you were told before the contract was signed that they would not put the plastic under the unit. If...
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    I don't know if these bulbs are dimmable. I will have to check on the site: superbrightleds.com
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    Here they are during daylight. Still got a little to do to them such as hide the wiring so it will be more attractive.
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    As I promised, here is a picture of my lights at night. The only thing is you can't see what they really look like because of the glare. This shows that it was a success. Problem solved.
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    Problem solved and project finished. The shipper sent me 120 volt bulbs instead of low voltage that I asked for. I just took for granted that they sent the correct voltage. I rewired the light to operate on 120 volts instead of through the landscape low voltage transformer. That is not what...
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    I may have found the problem. I ordered 12 volt led bulbs and I think I was sent low wattage 120 volt bulbs. I am going to take the low voltage 5 watt led bulbs out of the door lights and see if they work in the non working light. I have also placed a call to super bright led lights.com to...
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    Here is what I was talking about SCREWS. They are the two brass and silver colored screw connections inside the socket. I am attaching a picture attachment of the socket I am using and I am sure you will recognize them. They just don't have the pull down chain or the twist switch on them.
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    The low voltage transformer is a landscape auto timer that you can set to come on dusk to dawn or on and off at a scheduled time. It is just a low voltage transformer like everyone uses with outdoor landscape lighting. It is basically a timer that has a transformer inside it that cuts voltage...
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    The door lights work as they are suppose to. I will eliminate the switch but I do not see where that would cause any problem just because when you turn off the switch it will just kill the juice going to the fruit jar lights and leave the door lights burning. I will try this tomorrow by...
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    Garage Door

    Don't know about your door as to what kind it is. My metal door has a pretty thick and expandable rubber strip on the bottom. The downward pressure can be adjusted to fit down tighter or looser. When you make it fit down tighter then it conforms to any spot that would be lower or higher than...
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    Here is the wiring diagram. Hope this explains how I have it wired.
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    I will draw a diagram of how I have it wired up. will post soon
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    Let me explain: I am attaching a picture of the 4 light fixture that I created using fruit jars and the old lamp sockets. The lamp socket is inside the fruit jars. They are the old fashioned type like people use to have hanging from a wire that you turned on by pulling a chain. Inside these...
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    The landscape low voltage transformer (Paradise) is 50 Watts. There are NO LANDSCAPE FIXTURES wired to the transformers. I have 2 low voltage 7 wattage each lights and the 4 fixture light wired on the transformer. The 2 watt lights are on each side of a door to my shop and the fixture is over...
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    Low Voltage wiring.

    I am trying to wire a light fixture that has 4 separate low voltage 7 watt lights on it. I have a question: Does it matter to have all the white wires on the silver screws and the black wires on he brass one. I have tried to do this and think that I have it wired correctly. I have wired it...
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    Pool House Bathroom

    I would like to have information concerning how to do this: I want to run a water line from under my house out to my pool house. I will be installing a commode and wash basin and maybe a shower there. I want to be able to fix the line coming out from under my house with a cut off valve so I...
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    What did you do today?

    Praying that God will cure my 59 year old son who has just found out that he has Myeloma which is suppose to be a deadly blood cancer that kills off his red blood cells. I would appreciate everyone that reads this to send up a prayer that God will heal my Son DeWayne McCallie. Miracles...