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  1. Johnboy555

    Outdoor stairs lighting

    If it were me I would run some low voltage wiring when they are landscaping so it can be used for lighting where needed later. Even if you aren't sure what you want yet. That way it can be run under walkways and such. Run a line down each side of the stairs so it will be there when you need...
  2. Johnboy555

    Snow fencing

    I think we've gotten A BIT off track here... Obviously there won't be going to the lake in 4' of snow! The problem is keeping the dog off the lake as it's freezing (so he's not hurt by breaking thru the ice, or getting wet and dirty when the temp is freezing) Also the electronic fence is not a...
  3. Johnboy555

    Snow fencing

    The original question was a temporary way to keep the dog from running out on the ice. Was it not? If your dog can run through 4' of snow a little plastic fence won't slow him down. I may live in So California now, but lived 90% of my life outside of Chicago and have actually waded through 4'...
  4. Johnboy555

    Snow fencing

    I actually assumed that swimmer spe could understand the concept that I laid out. He is so lucky to have you to explain it to him. We all are...
  5. Johnboy555

    Snow fencing

    And that's WAY better than my idea?
  6. Johnboy555

    Snow fencing

    If using the orange plastic, drive in the posts and put 2 about 2 1/2' apart where you want the gate. Attach everything with zip ties to one section. Do the other section, allowing about an extra 6" at the "gate" to overlap. Use the extra to wrap and zip tie to a big dowel, or piece of 1x2. Use...
  7. Johnboy555

    How to Hang Free Float Mantle

    If you glue a 1x4 inside the top you'll have to use a 2x3 to mount to the wall. You'll only have 3 1/4" inside. Unless you want to rip the 2x4 down to size.
  8. Johnboy555

    Garagr floor drain

    My guess would be that it runs to a "French drain", a pit full of gravel to drain into the ground. Not designed for constant draining. But, maybe there are some home builders/designers that would have a more knowledgeable input.
  9. Johnboy555

    How to Hang Free Float Mantle

    I would lag bolt a 2X4 into the wall and use trim screws to anchor the mantle.
  10. Johnboy555

    Refrigerator repair!!!

    Very little refrigeration experience, but contact Samsung tech support. I'm sure that you're not the only one who has experienced this problem. A fridge/freezer will act differently when empty than full. Or... it may just be a software glitch. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/contact/...
  11. Johnboy555

    How to replace the floor of a small bathroom?

    I used 1/4" Hardie board to back up the tile in my daughter's kitchen floor. There were vinyl tiles there before. I used my 1/4" air stapler and a sh#tload of staples to fasten it down. That was 20 years ago and have never had a single crack in the tile. Much cheaper and easier than screws...
  12. Johnboy555

    How to Tee off of propane line from gas pack for generator

    Should be easy enough to "T" off of the pipe coming out of the ground and add another shutoff and run a separate line to generator. Assuming the pipe from the ground comes from the propane tank.
  13. Johnboy555

    Kitchen LED-strip Installation

    Got ya! There are many different types of LED strips that would fit your needs. I have some in my kitchen that are less than 1/2" high X 1 1/2" wide (approx.) dimmable. You could bring the pigtails that run to existing fixtures into the cabinet backs using a "remodel/old" box and outlet for...
  14. Johnboy555

    Kitchen LED-strip Installation

    Not sure why you want to go to low voltage and fool around with transformers. I've installed these direct replacement fixtures in quite a few of my customers kitchens and have not had one complaint. From Amazon, just search. They are dimmable and just require a single dimmer (3 way) installed...
  15. Johnboy555

    Last-minute DIY bathroom floor

    The liquid Gorilla Glue in the bottle is a polyurethane that uses moisture to activate. You moisten the joint and clamp the parts together. It holds VERY well but can be messy if you don't take the expansion into consideration. I'm sure that the construction adhesive doesn't work on activation...
  16. Johnboy555

    How do I remove this old kitchen faucet?

    2 other options I've used ... 1. If you can get ahold of the nut with the basin wrench but no room to turn it, have someone else turn the faucet counterclockwise from the top while you hold the wrench. ( Obviously this only applies to single hole faucets ) 2. Take a 1/8" drill and drill the nut...
  17. Johnboy555

    Last-minute DIY bathroom floor

    Gorilla Glue also makes a "construction" adhesive. Haven't tried it yet.
  18. Johnboy555

    Last-minute DIY bathroom floor

    I've had really good luck with Locktite Power Grab. It comes in white or clear. Grabs tightly and holds great. I've installed 12' baseboard with 1 nail. Haven't tried Gorilla Glue construction adhesive.
  19. Johnboy555

    Replace Interior Door - Hinges How to?

    RYOBI Door Hinge Template https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-Door-Hinge-Template-A99HT3/312284029?MERCH=REC-_-searchViewed-_-NA-_-312284029-_-N
  20. Johnboy555

    crisp ceiling lines, 2.0

    Another trick is to run a small "straight" screwdriver to scratch a shallow line into the corner of the paint. The fact is that the paint brush bristles will follow the line and provide a straight paint line. Although Frog Tape is a little expensive it's a lifesaver when using different colors...