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  1. J

    Remove paint smell

    Why did you use oil based instead of water based paint?
  2. J

    Replacing some pieces of lap siding

    It's failing because both the siding and that wall shield never should have been installed that close to grade. The best, but not cheapest way to fix this is to install 5/4 X 6 (make sure to use 5/4, not 3/4) vinyl lumber at the bottom of the wall, a strip of aluminum Z molding, (and yes OSB...
  3. J

    Safe way to get spray paint off eyeglasses?

    I scrape off what I can once it's dried with my finger nail then use Go Joe hand cleaner without the prumis.
  4. J

    Has anyone ever installed these wall panels for a bath or shower surround?

    Will it work, likely, is it one I would buy no. The reason why is there's no place inside the tub to hang a wash rag or set anything like the hand soap or shampoo.
  5. J

    Slab foundation offset in garage

    If you mean by offset that the sheet rock is not even with the inside wall it's a none issue. It's very common to see 6" wide block and just 2 X 4 walls. I'd be far more concerned with why that sheet rock is in that condition.
  6. J

    speed vs. quality

    I agree 200% with Bud on this one. There's 0 reason to take on a job knowing your going to loose money just to get the job! Very few people get that to do a better job it takes more time, and better materials cost more money. If I do a job I want someone looking it over asking who did that for...
  7. J

    Garage Foundation Issue

    Really strange pictures! Why would there be what looks like bare ground and what looks like grass inside of a garage? Why would anyone set what looks like a bench sitting in what looks like mud? Sure looks like this was not even close to how it should have been done.
  8. J

    Vintage 1950's Frigidaire Electric Range

    Trying posting this on your local Facebook market place or Craigslist, this is a DIY site.
  9. J

    How much to repair water hammer?

    Impossible to know what it will cost. First thing I would have done is checked the water pressure. A simple gauge any Box store sells on an outside faucet will tell you what it is. Anything much higher then 60 PSI can be the issue. Is it city or well water? Has any recent plumbing work been...
  10. J

    What is this?

    Just looks like someone did a poopy job measuring the underlayment to me. If there was a baseboard and 1/4 round the gap would not be there.
  11. J

    How to repair lower part of walls before putting in baseboards

    Your going to have to cut out all that loose material. If you do this again make sure to cut the paint and caulking line first, Tap a stiff, wide bladed putty knife behind it to act as a fulcrum point for a flat bar. I find it easier to then use a saw all with a metal cutting blade to cut off...
  12. J

    Refinish Oak flooring, or replace?

    In your case it may be better to go over it with SPC or LVP flooring but that's not going to address the real issue of the floor squeaking. We have no clue how old this house is, was the hardwood just installed over the joist with no sub flooring? If it's really old it could be over spanned...
  13. J

    Adverse Possession questions/advice

    Any real estate attorney that's not just out to make a fast buck should be able to look over the facts and give you an idea on what this is going to cost to see if it's even worth fighting for. I tried to find you a Steve Lehto You Tube video on this subject, hes an atterney that's had to deal...
  14. J

    Ryobi Batteries - Off-Brand

    OEM Ryobi battery's are one of the lowest cost replacement battery's on the market. I've tried some of the cheaper after market ones and it's never worked out. Any I've tried charged fine, snapped in OK, held a charge OK, but would not pop out. They had to be pried out with a screwdriver.
  15. J

    Sealing leaded glass frame

    Please post a picture of what your dealing with. No clue what plaster of Paris or Linseed oil has to do with a stained glass window.
  16. J

    Large hole in foundation on side of house

    If you really want to fix this it's going to take far more then just sticking a rock in the hole. That whole block needs to be cut out , removed, and replaced.
  17. J

    Last-minute DIY bathroom floor

    The install directions for whatever brand flooring you bought should be able to be seen on line and need to be followed to the letter. The types of flooring your suggesting often have to have a small gap around the outside edges so it can expand and contract so caulking should not be used. We...
  18. J

    How to replace the floor of a small bathroom?

    There is no need to remove all of it unless it's failing. Use thin set to fill in any flaws. There is no need to use 1/4" tile board!!
  19. J

    Lap Siding Replacement on Chimney

    If you want to do this just one time and not have to go back and repaint it at some point. I'd strip it all including the trim and replace it all with vinyl siding, or Smart side with 5/4 PVC lumber for trim. Whatever you replace it with I'd take the time to correct the building 101 error I see...
  20. J

    refinishing stair treads

    You would be far better off if you could come up with a plan B and stay off the stairs for a few days. The longest lasting finish will be an oil finish, will need several coats, and takes time to cure. A water based finish will dry faster, but not last as long, do you really want to have to go...