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    Surprise Shock

    The only mystery is the residual voltage. If not for the shock the troubleshooting would have been a simple matter. There was a bad FL tube (flickering) which may (or not) have contributed to the mystery residual voltage. He has replaced the FL tubes. He built the building and there is no other...
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    Surprise Shock

    I was troubleshooting a 3-way switch circuit for a friend. It was in a detached building classified as a garage but more of a man cave. The electrician that wired the building left wires too short to reach receptacle and switch screws so back stab connections were used. I was trying to determine...
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    Adverse Possession questions/advice

    I live in NC and was concerned about a piece of pasture land that my Dad let a neighbor move his fence about 8 -10 ft onto. The clerk of the court said no worries as we the heirs were paying taxes on the property proving it wasn't abandoned. The neighbor's only avenue in NC would have been a...
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    General Electric A1g48t waffle iron

    I would check the damaged area to see what the damage really is. If the conductor is not compromised a good taping may be adequate. If the conductor is damaged there are crimp splices available for repair and then tape and/or heat shrink for protection.
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    Thanks, I had forgotten about those. I catalog ordered a single size for a special application many years ago.
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    If there isn't room to get a wrench on a crown nut there isn't room to replace a stem or valve. I have suggested my own solution but the off-the-wall comments keep coming. From a one piece toilet??
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    I don't understand your problem. My problem is that most wrenches for 3/4" nuts are built for motor mounts or such heavy duty use. I thought maybe a plumber would have a solution. I am sorry I ruffled your feathers.
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    I can repack a stem in minutes, access is my problem. A basin wrench might work but they are a bit sloppy and I prefer the feel of a regular wrench when tightening a crown nut. Replacing the valve would require removing the toilet for access and I will go there only as a last resort. It's a...
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    Yep, I read it but it didn't help. I am fully capable of improvising. I was thinking that maybe a plumber had a tool like a stubby but thin wrench similar to a flair nut wrench. When you start asking for pics of a chrome plated 3/8" stop valve I realize I might as well do my own improvisation.
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    I was hoping someone had been there. I'll just improvise, I'll remove the handle and use sockets to determine the size then decide an approach.
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    I need to renew the stem packing for a toilet stop valve. Access and visibility are very limited. Is there a special stubby wrench or deep well socket that plumbers use in these circumstances? It seems to be 3/4" but I am not certain of this as wrench handle length is in the way. I am having to...
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    Knob & Tube question

    I have an Ne2 tester that is my go-to in my tool box. It is much easier to grab than a meter for house circuit resting.
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    Tub cleaning last resort

    I have a black Kohler Rochelle toilet in one bath that has white calcium stains at the water line in the bowl and leading down from rim flush ports.. I have even tried sulfuric acid to no avail. Any suggestions?
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    Glass cooktop wiring

    There are 120v loads (the fan and the indicator lights) so the neutral is required. However the neutral may bonded to the housing at the fan receptacle. See post #12 for easy way to test.
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    Glass cooktop wiring

    Just try a voltage reading from the hot side of a nearby receptacle to the cook top metal housing. If you get 120v the metal is grounded through the neutral which isn't switched by the breaker.
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    Glass cooktop wiring

    If the conduit is plastic I am surprised that the cook top frame isn't grounded for safety. However it appears that the white wire (neutral) is bonded to the frame at the fan receptacle per the schematic thus making it a three wire system. My Jenn Air is an older model (not glass top) and I...
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    What do you call this decorative molding on cabinet fillers?

    Thanks for this thread! I have been procrastinating about a small kitchen island on concealed fixed casters for mobility. From comments and googling island leg corbel I have decided to picture frame the narrow ends and use split table legs at the ends of the long sides. The good news is that I...
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    Street / Main Power restoration indicator

    I have the same interest. I considered adding a wire with a neon indicator to one of the main lugs but suspect that would be a code violation. I could clip a detector to a main lug just for the duration of the outage but that would require removing the panel cover each time to expose the lugs...
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    Kohler Rochelle Toilet Repair

    I have been using generic flush balls from Lowes and Ace. I notice from the image in post #3 that the Kohler ball has a recess on that will hold water. I am thinking that is to add weight to the ball to ensure that its fall will close the rim flush diverter valve. I have two balls on order from...
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    Outdoor antenna

    I made a simple stealth hawk antenna (as seen on youtube) that works well for me.