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    Do I need more than base paint?

    I normally use Aura. Zero VOC's, but I am not particularly sensitive anyways.
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    Do I need more than base paint?

    Around here, oil based paints for general purpose interior applications have pretty much gone the way of the dodo bird. They are all water based which have zero, or close-to-zero VOCs, depending on the particular product. Myself, I go to a real paint store and buy the good stuff. Yes, its...
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    Fertilizer with pre-emergent

    Suppose it depends on the weed. The only thing I use pre emergent is for crab grass. And its WAY too early to put down pre-emergent for crab grass. I find it does not start coming up until June. If that is corn glutten you are putting down (orange), I have read its effective for about 5...
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    Do I need more than base paint?

    Thats a good question, actually. Base is whats in the bucket before they add the pigment. But if you like the color as is, do they commonly use it without pigment -- I don't know, but probably nothing wrong with that. They probably have at least half a dozen versions of white that they...
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    New windows

    A window's acoustic performance is measured by its STC (Sound Transmission Class). You should have compared STC's and bought the window with the highest STC that you are willing to pay for. However, high STC windows can get quite expensive. Maybe you did buy high STC windows and were just...
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    Stubborn Brush Strokes

    You might want to give it a light sanding before the next coat. You might be over-brushing it. I commonly use BM Aura, and the instructions specifically state "Do not over-brush in attempt to smooth out brush strokes". Its supposed to level out on its own. But I know also that I have...
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    What's the Truth about Lumens vs Watt Equivalency in LED Downlights?

    You need 4 850 Lumen bulbs to match the light output of 200W incandescent. However, note that LED bulbs are frequently more directional than the old incandescents.
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    Need New Asphalt Shingle Roof: Questions to Ask?

    Roofing seems to be very price competitive. Many people see all shingle jobs as equal and simply select the lowest price. Review carefully what is on the quote. If its not written on paper, it was never discussed and never promised. If the quote says "one roofing job, $xxxx.00", throw the...
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    Replacement furnace size

    100,000 BTU/hr sure seems rather big to me. Only way to know for sure is to do a load calculation. They call it a Manual J. If one quoting HVAC company takes the time to do a Manual J, and the other waves his thumb in the air and says "in this size house I normally put a XXXXX", that tells...
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    How can I seal up this garage more?!

    If you have a cold room above a garage, the problem is that you don't have enough insulation in the ceiling.
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    Any suggestions?

    Its just an unfinished basement. I would run the drywall an inch or so past the block and call it a day. If you really want to go overboard, you could fill the gap with a 2x2 before putting up the drywall. Maybe even add some molding afterwords. If you do that, paint the molding before...
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    painting baseboards

    Putting painters tape in front of the quarter round is not going to work well. You need to get tape (or other) UNDER the quarter round. Having said that, newspaper works just as well as tape. But you really need to test what works out best for your situation and your technique for getting...
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    New construction Concrete driveway

    They for sure will put calcium chloride in the mix, which speeds curing, because at temperatures approaching freezing, the curing process otherwise grinds to a halt. However, there is risk of discoloration when high proportions of calcium chloride is added (dark blotches). This will not be...
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    Rotted wood repair

    Any hand-saw would do it, but I would be going to my oscillating saw. The ideal repair would be to replace the rotted portion with PVC trim board, perhaps 1.5" tall. Will last forever, and isolates the wood from the moist concrete. It would be a pretty elaborate fabrication though...
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    Which joint is stronger?

    If these are 2x4's and the dado is 1/4" deep, then the horizontal member in A is 60% stronger in bending, than in B. That would be just the strength of the horizontal member. If they are glued well, the vertical member probably adds some stiffness to the joint. I commonly use PL Premium...
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    Which joint is stronger?

    Without dimensions, your question is impossible to answer with any certainty. If you are concerned with strength only in the direction of the arrow, then the dado can be a quarter inch deep, and the A is far stronger than B. Jeff is correct that B has more gluing surface and gives more...
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    Any glass table owners here?

    I would consider this as an opportunity for a nice woodworking project.
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    Any glass table owners here?

    Yes, funny. It was just the first that popped up when I did a Google image search.
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    Any glass table owners here?

    The basic problem you have is that you have a large diameter table top on a small diameter base. If the base is 20" diameter, it takes about 88 pounds to tip the table top over. Vacuum cups or gluing the glass to the base is not going to do much, because the diameter where it contacts the...
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    Attic Insulation - Fiberglass roll vs spray vs foam

    As mentioned, first need to seal all pentrations (wire holes, vent pipes, chimneys, etc.) Make sure your attic has proper ventillation, and don't block it with new insulation. Assuming you have sofit vents, you need to put air chutes on them to ensure airflow. A closed cell spray foam would be a...
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