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  1. J

    sub a 6x6 for an 8x8? treeless tree house

    Hello Philphine, I'm from the Louisville KY area too. 84 lumber may not stock 8x8 but they can get them. I talked with the 84 on Dixie Hwy and they can get them so that means that any 84 in our area should be able to get one for you. Seeing a picture of your plans, or the project, would...
  2. J

    reinsulation of walls

    What type of exterior siding does your house have? Did you see any holes in the exterior wall when you opened up the interior for the new patio door? It is very likely that the original installer loosened up, or removed, a run of siding, drilled a hole through the exterior wall sheathing...
  3. J

    New to Drywalling.

    It doesn't take a huge amount of effort to clean dust from a wall. Commercial painters just fasten a rag around a broom and "sweep" the wall. Make sure to hit the edges and corners real well. The rag makes sure there are no streaks of dust left behind. Also, a damp (damp, not soaking wet) sponge...
  4. J

    Block Foundation, question on how to repair

    Hey Jason, thanks for posting up your solution. You had a good idea based on your first hand knowledge of your situation and it should work well. Good Job! Doug
  5. J

    Block Foundation, question on how to repair

    (Some of us only stop by occasionally so sorry about not answering sooner.) Thanks for the photo. It is hard to tell from the photo exactly how big the area needing repair is and if it extends to the outside. To really repair the wall, all loose and broken material should be removed entirely...
  6. J

    How to get rid of stucco??

    Have the walls been painted? If not, rent a power sander with dust collector and sand. If they have been painted, sanding through the paint will be difficult. Also, how heavy is the stucco? If its not too bad you may be able to apply a couple of "skim coat" layers of new drywall mud on top as...
  7. J

    New to Drywalling.

    In addition to the post above, I would suggest making sure all walls are dust free, particularly unpainted drywall. If there is much dust at all on the wall the primer will not adhere well and the paint can get erasers sized bubbles in it, usually when you apply the next coat. These bubbles...
  8. J

    Interior and Exterior Doors

    I know that Lowes special ordering system uses a drop down window with picts. Go there (or probably any big box store) and get a quote for some special order doors. Watch them go through the process on their software and you may get some good ideas. hth, Doug
  9. J

    Change Locks

    Any of our local big box stores will rekey but you have to buy a least one new lockset from them. Regardless, if you are inclined to operate a screwdriver you can change all your own locks. hth, Doug
  10. J

    Front storm door?

    Based upon your dimensions a standard storm door will probably work. The storm door actually installs to the exterior trim around the outside of the door so those are the most critical dimensions. You're probably ready to go look at some storm doors. Most brands list the tools needed on the...
  11. J

    home-built air compressor

    Yeah, the portability of the tank is a nice design. Doug
  12. J

    Front storm door?

    Welcome Checkensaur, Installing a storm door is usually an easy enough project. Measure the distance between the brick molding (left to right) on the outside of the door. Then, measure from the brickmold at the top of the door down to the threshold, keep the tape measure nice & straight. Let...
  13. J

    rotten door jamb

    If existing damage indicates that much of the exterior door frame needs replaced, it may be just about as cheap to totally replace the door with a new, pre-hung entry door. It almost always takes less time for an experience carpenter to install a new prehung exterior door rather than cut out...
  14. J

    brad nailer

    Some HF tools are good others aren't so good. Their brad nailer uses a heavy cast nose cover on the gun and I've used it for 3-4 years regularly. However, the stapler/nailer that you bought may have just a stamped steel nose cover. On the one I bought, the first time a staple hit a hidden nail...
  15. J

    Vapor barrier back to the tub?

    The vapor barrier is to protect the insulation and wall from from damage caused by moisture vapor moving from inside the house into the wall cavity. The vb should go all the way to the floor without being cut to do this properly. The cement board should extend just over the lip of the tub...
  16. J

    Base molding on rounded corners

    If you want a 90% corner, take two pieces of scrap baseboard roughly 12" long so they lay along the wall nicely. Lay the pieces on opposite sides of the rounded corner, then line the point up. The point of the baseboard is where to measure. The exact same method is used by pro's on any corner to...
  17. J

    Peeling Paint

    Welcome Akshay, I've done this same thing before and it can be a prolonged fix. The best end results have come from doing the following. Carefully remove all loose paint, reprime the area, apply drywall mud until level, sand area to wall quality, remove all dust from the wall area, prime...
  18. J

    Removing Brick Fireplace.

    Welcome Daddio, My suggestion would be to plan on taking more than one day to tackle that size of job unless you are very accustomed to prolonged intense physcial labor. Or perhaps there two or three people that can help by trading off on the demo hammer and helping to remove debris. Just...
  19. J

    Broken front cabinet drawer

    Welcome to the forum, My first thought is to simply glue & screw another piece of wood all the way across on the back of the existing the drawer front. Then you could use all purpose screws through the drawer side into the new piece of wood. This would easily reinforce both corners at the...
  20. J

    Reclaimed Lumber

    Cibula11, sounds like an interesting project. Is there a certain type or species you're looking for? Also, there are many reasons to use reclaimed but what is your purpose and goal? My first thought for central Iowa is old barn timbers. However, are you looking for boards cut-to-size or just...
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