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    What preparation is needed for a solid surface (e.g. Corian) shower?

    This guy shows a solid surface shower pan going into a space straight onto the subfloor, and bare studs. But I was talking to a design consultant with DIY experience who strongly suggested cement board or greenboard over the studs...
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    Clothes Dryer (electric) stopped running/turning

    Ok, I popped the belt off the motor. Trying to start it makes the same "errrrrr" noise as before - a noise I associate with a jammed/seized motor. So, I'm guessing either it's seized inside (busted) or jammed at the front (where it turns the blower). What should I do next? Should I be able...
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    Clothes Dryer (electric) stopped running/turning

    Ok, got a nearly 20y old GE dryer here. Worked fine for a long time. I replaced the heating element once. Today it started making weird noises like it was running fast and then it stopped. Trying to start it makes that noise that electric motors make when they don't have enough juice to turn...
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    Used tools - how to evaluate?

    I'm going to be tiling my bathroom floor. The two power tools I'll need that I don't have are a (wet) tile saw and whatever is the right kind of nail gun to put the floor molding back - so something that shoots drywall nails. Lots of people buy tools for a job or two and then sell them -...
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    Making Stairs Scratch Proof

    I don't think there's such a thing as a paint or varnish that will truly not be scratched by dog's claws, even on Oak. I would buy the hardest floor varnish I could find (maybe Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Varnish) and test to see whether it applied well over the paint. If you test a small...
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    ceiling light wiring affecting light in another room

    Following up on my own post, a person could indeed deliberately wire mutually exclusive lights using two 3-way switches, but not without trying :-) If you only replaced the light, and you know which wire is ground, then that couldn't happen. If you also had the switches off the wall and...
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    ceiling light wiring affecting light in another room

    Is it possible you've inadverdently created the effect of a pair of three-way switches, but with the lights on two different paths instead of on the same path which is what you'd do if you were *trying* to make two lights controlled by a pair of three-way switches. My idea only makes sense if...
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    CFLs affect each other on same circuit?

    Modern compact flourescents seem pretty good about getting to full brightness fast. The 100w and 60w (equivalent) spiral ones I've bought this year seem to be pretty much instant on. But I also bought a bunch of 65w equivalent spotlights for recessed lighting and put those in for all 5 of...
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    Drywall repair questions

    Ah that makes sense. However my holes aren't very big, and they're in closets, so I'm not planning on retexturing the whole wall, just adding enough to cover up the repair. I'll just use a small aerosol can.
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    How well does drywall have to be sanded if I intend to texture it?

    I'm no expert, but if you're going to texture it, I would think 100 grit is smooth enough.
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    Drywall repair questions

    Kirkland. You? I've got about half a 3lb mini-bucket of joint compound, so I'm good for a small project like this. As far as making it look good - actually I *am* anal, but I'll try to hold that part of my personality in check. What's a tex gun?
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    Drywall repair questions

    This is sortof a sequel to my "Drill up inside wall" question from a few days back. I got the cable pulled, but it was a difficult job due to the owner-unfriendly way the attic was constructed. We had to make three 4" diameter hole-saw holes in the ceiling to fish the cables where they had to...
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    Cable TV wall jacks. Termination required?

    I got my cable pulled, so I've got RG6 for cable and Cat5e for internet. The Cat5e is already outfitted with RJ-45 jacks (to fit Keystone wall plates) but the RG6 has ordinary "male" fittings, so I need to get Keystone F Inserts for those, then I'm all set to snap them into wallplates. My...
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    Do I need a new tool?

    I need to cut a rectangle out of chipboard that's in a very awkward location. A total of maybe 4 feet of linear cutting. Would the standard spiral cutting bit on a Dremel do the job, or is chipboard too heavy? I'd rather not have to buy a jigsaw and work with it in this awkward location.
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    Drill up, inside wall with least damage to wall?

    Would a 3.5 amp Black&Decker corded drill be sufficient to power said auger bit? It doesn't need to be a big one - I just need a hole about twice the diameter of coax cable. Also, what do you think of using a right-angle attachment on the drill if I go for straight up instead of the angled...
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    Neutral vs Ground

    I think I understand. There are two complete wires entering the box. Each contains an insulated black, an insulated white and a bare. The two black ones go across the switch, so one is hot from source, the other is hot to load. The two white are wire-nutted together so they are neutral, and...
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    Drill up, inside wall with least damage to wall?

    I'm trying to run some coax cable from a splitter in the attic (accessible) to a room on the other side of the house. Normally one would just worm over to the top of the appropriate wall, drill a hold in that 2x4, drop the cable down and be all ready to hook it up to a wall plate. But in my...
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    Neutral vs Ground

    In the wall box where I'm working, there is the hot wire, the load wire (goes to chandelier) and two bare wires that are wired together. The existing switch ties is grounded to those two bare wires, so I think I'm safe in assuming at least one of those bare wires is truly ground. Is it...
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