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  1. asbestos

    junction in the service panel

    Is it ok to have a wire nutted connection in the service panel?
  2. asbestos

    switch a 220 lead to 110

    I got a water heater that turned out to be 110v the flex going to it has 2 blacks and a ground as you would expect. Can I just Disconnect one of the hots from the breaker, move it to the neutral buss (and flag it with white tape.) and use that setup as my 110v ? It sounds fine to me but I...
  3. asbestos

    Galv to copper

    I need to attach an expansion tank to a water heater. How bad is it if I don't use dielectric fittings to go from the copper to the Galvanized? Yes I know you are not supposed to do it but will it rust out before the water heater?
  4. asbestos

    new oil burner? or whole new furnace.

    We have a forced air furnace in our house that is OE from 1958. It has had the blower motor replaced at some point, but all else seems original. It was serviced a a few months ago (I think all they did was a filter change and new nozzle) anyway it does not seem to be burning all that well, and...
  5. asbestos

    ni-cd Vs. ni-mh Vs. l-ion

    Why do so many tools still have ni-cd? they can only be recharged around 100 times when l-ion can go amny times that. I just can't see spending another $50 for a battery pack that will last a year or so. makita has some lion tools. Their impact driver is like $350 :eek:
  6. asbestos

    zephir hurricane range hood

    wish I could find the delete button
  7. asbestos

    freebies and blood

    sent away for some free sample Irwin blades from a link on this site. long story short, within the first 5 mins of using them *slice* right into my thumb. not too bad a cut, but it would not stop bleeding. Now I have blood all over my tools. NO, I do not think it was the fault of the...
  8. asbestos

    Old oil boilers

    My oil boiler (Circa 1949 American-Standard) is getting old. I am wondering how long we should nurse it along. It runs fine now but one of the circulator pumps may give out soon (you just can't seem to get more then 20 or 30 years out of a pump anymore) so it will be a $150-200 for a new one...
  9. asbestos

    milwaukee cordless

    Well after about a year I have to say this drill is a bit disapointing. I suppose I should expect to get what I pay for. But now I have one battery DOA and one that is so-so So what do I do? one the one hand I don't want to pop $50+ each for 2 batts. But I don't want to have an orphaned...
  10. asbestos

    Fire Danger

    Just had and almost full-on house fire here. People came home from a dinner out, opened up the garage door and it was filled with smoke. Turned out to be a few rags with finsih on them piled on top of the workbench just 3 rags. Read the label about spontenuous combustion:eek:
  11. asbestos


    I bought a little thing called a 1x1 from shop-vac it is a super small wet-dry vac. The thing is way handy. I can grab it and clean up and put it back before the big one even got out. The best thig was I broke a plastic clip on it (mostly my fault) and they sent me a whole new housing for free...
  12. asbestos

    avoiding brushmarks

    I have a whole mess of trim to do and I am wondering what is the best way to avoid brushmarks without taking 2 years to finish. I am using an allmost white BM semi
  13. asbestos

    talking tools

    What brands of stuff do you have? how has it lasted. Had any tools that have surviced some severe abuse? What was your worst tool purchase ever? I'll start with this one- I worked commercial construction for some time. We used to use wet dry vacs for all kinds of things often cleaning the...
  14. asbestos

    stops rust best?

    What is the best rust preventer? everyone has their favorite what is your and what do you think is a joke? WD-40 Break Free CLP Kroil Boeshield
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